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How many snow/calamity days have you had?

Asked by hug_of_war (10715points) February 6th, 2014 from iPhone

I live in Ohio and today is number 7. 5 is the legal limit before we have to make them up. They are trying to pass a law to give us up to 9 days.

I guess this is the last year they are using the day calculation. Has any other state had this happen where a majority of the state is using a lot of snow days? They are even talking about extending the window for standardized testing because of all the missed days (4 of those days were in January alone).

I’m just trying to figure out the situation elsewhere.

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I think we’ve had about three so far. Some districts build three days into their calendar; some five. I expect many will have to extend the school year or take away vacation time if this keeps up.

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There have been a number of lost days here. It depends on which school district you live in how many. Some are pushing up against their limit before having to make up time.

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I have lost about 5 days so this year due to weather.

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We have had 5 in 2014 and 2 in 2013. Our schools have hit their allotted snow days…the next ones will eat into summer vacation.

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I’m in California, so none.

A friend is a middle school teacher in Rhode Island, and was lamenting earlier this week that she’ll have to reschedule a trip she was planning for late June, that they’ve had so many missed days that the school year will extend way beyond any point it has before.

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Just got news I have another snow day tomorrow. So I think even if we get more days I’ll probably have to makeup days in June (which sucks for me because I work during the summer starting in late June so it really cuts into my vacation time), especially if more brutal weather arrives before spring.

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Zero, zip, nil, nada

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I’m in Australia and when it gets to 44c or above they are supposed to heat people off work but they didn’t- my son had to work in that heat and so did I- the grid kind of collapses in that kind of heat so the aircon in my place of work did not work.

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My daughter’s school has missed three days due to snow.

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I think we’ve had 3 snow days.

This is relevant. This US map shows how much snow is generally required to cancel school.

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The problem today and yesterday is neighborhoods/other side streets are still in horrible condition, with people getting stuck since we don’t get plowed. The main streets are fine.

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Maybe one? I’m in the dark blue on @hominid‘s chart… so that’s a lot of snow required to close schools. We also close based on windchill, but the last time the windchill was low enough was during Regents (statewide) midterms and mid-year finals, so none of the districts locally closed high schools. We’ve had after school activities/programs cancelled a few times this school year due to weather emergencies.

What’s a minus 20 degree windchill, anyway? ~

Just think – we’ve had as much or more snow as you guys who have had a lot of closings, and it’s probably been colder here. But our schools have been open. The poor kids who walk a mile to school. I can’t even imagine…

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