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What is wrong with Fluther (details inside)?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14757points) February 6th, 2014

It seems that Fluther was down a couple of hours ago. Now the site is up again, but it seems that some problems still remain: I went to using Firefox like usual and received the “over capacity” error page. I googled Fluther and clicked on the Fluther result only to be brought to the same error page. Only by clicking on the sub-tabs below that Google result (social, just for you or guidelines) could I get to the normal site. When on the normal site, I clicked on Dr.Jelly and I was greeted by the error page again!
Oddly, this issue only happens to Firefox. I used Google Chrome and did all the same things above but the error page did not popped up.
Can somebody tell me what’s that all about?

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I don’t know, but I appreciate the work that went into fixing it.
Thanks Mystery Person.

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Probably a issue with the cache. Try holding down shift when you hit the reload button. That will force a refresh of the page.

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@johnpowell Ah, just found out something interesting: the issue only happens to the laptop. The destop is completely normal.

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Problem solved! Thanks @johnpowell!

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I had issues with three different desktops. Two were probably on the same IP address but the first was not. I could not post nor could I pull up the site.
I can now though. (Duh)

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Yep, caching can be tricky, especially in Chrome.

FYI, the site was down for a number of hours today…. Just as I was trying to unravel what was wrong, everything came back to normal. Very mysterious. Hopefully just a network issue with our server host (Rackspace).

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It could be the NSA. I noticed my question: “How do I configure the plutonium rods to maximize blast wave?” has been deleted.

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I was right in middle of reading a question when it went down. I tried log back on but couldn’t, then later the cartoon of Neptune was up with a statement saying the site was overloaded. My link icon disappeared from the top of my laptop – now that was weird. It lasted a long long time and I was happy to see they got it up and running when I got up this morning.

I was thinking “Oh no, not another one.” :P

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OK my question in answer to this question would be:

Does Fluther still keep people engaged?

My answer: If there were more questions I would definitely spend more time here but I check all my topics and go searching for questions and find the same ones that keep popping up in my thread for hours and hours.

Fluther could keep me engaged if I had more questions and varied questions, but I answeras much as I can, and then the same ones pop up again in my thread.

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