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What are some practical uses for Amazon Prime?

Asked by pleiades (6566points) February 6th, 2014

What do you use it for? I’m trying to think of practical house products I could use Amazon Prime for…

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I know several people who are using Amazon’s subscription service along with their Prime shipping to get certain household items. (Toilet paper, paper towels, etc.)

Prime works for us because we order enough things throughout the year that it pays for itself. We haven’t tried the movie and television show service yet, but do plan to at some point.

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I purchase nearly everything from Amazon, so Prime makes sense for me. Free 2-day shipping. And the $3.99 overnight shipping has saved me many times. Even with the cost of prime, and the recent change in taxation here in Massachusetts, it is still significantly less-expensive to shop this way. It also means that I can avoid entering traditional stores, other than for groceries.

Note: It has been widely reported lately that Amazon might be increasing the cost of Prime by as much as $40.

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For me, the 2-day shipping feature is worth the price, as I order from Amazon a lot. I use the movie streaming feature from time to time but hate the interface. Most of their movies are on Netflix, anyway.

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I am a Prime member. Originally, I joined because I found myself doing so much of my shopping there that I knew that the price of membership would more than pay for itself within the year. And then I discovered the movie/TV streaming and I’m getting an awful lot of use with that!

When I first discovered Downton Abbey, I was in hog heaven since Netflix didn’t have it, and I enjoyed my first TV “binge watching” event.

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* Free streaming movies (limited selection but I have watched a bunch of free movies)

* Free Kindle books. Again, limited selection but I’ve read quite a few free books which made my Kindle Paperwhite “free”.

* Unlimited free 2 day shipping (after you paid the yearly $79 fee). If you buys lots of items from Amazon, you’ll break even after just a few purchases. They’ll even ship multi-hundred pound items for free.

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Toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, dog food, rice, coffee,
I bought a toilet, a ladder, speakers, toys for the grandkids, a broom, a smoke alarm, a dog collar and yoga DVD’s (all in the last month)
I live 14 mikes out of town so if I can wait 2 days it’s easier for me to order it on Amazon than it is to go to town and buy it.

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