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Will acid wash jeans ever make a come back?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (12938points) February 7th, 2014

I remember in my early twenties acid wash jeans were all the rage,cool looking ,very comfortable, but then they just died out and never came back, do you think they will ever be (IN) again?

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I sure hope not. Horrible, unflattering jeans. Blech. It seems Fergie might’ve tried bringing them back, though.

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I saw some in the Levi Outlet store last week but my daughter informed me that you are only allowed to wear acid washed jeans during one phase of your life. ~

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@Judi Oh no and I used that phase already? OH well, just wondering.

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Undoubtedly. Everything does.

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They went out ?

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Gawd I hope not. And they always had the one spot in the crotch where the jeans were held when dipped, always looked like somebody had an accident.

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@zenvelo LOL I know what ya mean,had a pair like that myself,but for the most part most comfortable jeans I ever owned.

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Everything comes back.

I hope I am dead when people start listening to the Bee Gees again

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Dear god I hope not.

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I’m still waiting for the Big Hair and women working out in aerobics studies in leotards to come back.

When that happens, ask me again about acid washed jeans.

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