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Amazon Prime members: If the annual Prime cost went up, what's the max you would pay before you'd decide it's no longer cost effective for you?

Asked by jca (36046points) February 7th, 2014

Amazon Prime – free 2 day shipping on most Amazon items, plus movie and TV streaming, for $79 per year. The cost is going up, when and how much is not yet decided by the Amazon big shots.

To me, $79 is a good deal and I pay it willingly. Any more, though and I would cancel and revert to just waiting till the cost of my items is $25 and I would get free shipping (but not 2 day shipping). I don’t use the streaming videos. Amazon would still get my business, but not my $79 per year, and I would probably not buy as much from them, because if I needed something quickly, Amazon would not be the best bet. Right now, if I need something, it’s very easy to check Amazon and know that in two days, it’s delivered right to my door.

I sent a “contact us” message to Amazon and told them I was not supportive of a price increase. They sent back a message stating they are considering a price increase but are not yet sure how much.

What’s the max you would pay for Prime before it would no longer be cost effective for you?

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$50. When I first learned about Prime, that’s the price I decided I’d be willing to pay. When I found out it was $79, I didn’t sign up.

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I live really close to a distribution center. I get stuff the next day since I don’t live in a fly-over-state. And movies.. LOL. I watched Her before it was released in theaters. Torrents!

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$79 is a steal for me considering I live in the islands far from the mainland. I would honestly be willing to pay $99 annually for the service. I buy a lot from them.

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Same as @Hawaii_Jake, $99. More than that, likely not.

I hope Amazon doesn’t see this post.

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I would easily go $40 more. I save a lot of money buying from amazon, and the free two day shipping is a great bonus. I also enjoy their free streaming of movies.

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I don’t know exactly how much higher I’d go, but I’d be willing to go at least 40 bucks higher. I use Amazon Prime Instant View almost every day because of their deal with Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. My daughter watches TV with Amazon almost every day. The price could go up quite a bit before it became the same price as Hulu or Netflix so it would be well within my comfort zone to pay that much for Instant View AND free shipping.

I’d also be willing to switch to a monthly format and pay about 10–12 bucks a month.

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I purchase a lot from Amazon. I have been an Amazon customer since they first went on line. what ever the new cost would be for Prime I would pay it. Free Shipping and two day delivery? Hell Yes!

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I just got an email from them that in 2014, the Prime will stay the same – $79. In March 2015, (which is what I guess my renewal date is, March), it will go up to $99. I think that’s reasonable, still, and I will renew it at that rate.

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Received the email from Amazon this morning letting me know that the rate is going up to $99. I’m paid up until October, so when I renew it will be $99. People who sign up (or renew) prior to April 17th will be able to pay $79.

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If anyone is interested, this appears to have worked. You cancel your auto-renew (mine is scheduled for October), order a gift of 1-year of Prime at $79, and have it delivered to your email address on the day of your expiration.

We’ll see if Amazon will find a workaround to this so that we’ll have to pay the extra $20 when it’s time to enable the Prime membership. But so far, this looks good. It should save me $20.

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