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Nature of reality... Are we any closer to discovering it now than when we were nothing more than microbiological mud skippers crawling out of the cesspool of life at the dawn of time?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30864points) February 7th, 2014

As asked.

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I’m sorry. I do not understand “it” as asked.

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Whether there is a nature to reality which is not what we currently experience, or if what we experience is all there is to it…prolly not.

Also lol, mud skippers. :D

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The wording of the question is awkward. It isn’t “discovering” “it” at which we get closer. Our improvement lies in defining it. We’ve come a very long way in defining the “realities” involved with the natural things and phenomena around us. We no loner define tuberculosis as an onset of “vapors” or the sun as a fiery chariot that transits the heavens. Though there are still questions asked by the Greeks with which we still wrestle, the toolboxes of philosophy, mathematics and the sciences advance our understanding daily. The tools increase in number and quality, and our understanding advances.

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Did you mean by ‘it’ to mean the Theory of Everything? Also, are you asking whether man’s own ignorances and biases has kept us just as far from discovering the ‘truth’ on the same comparable level when lower life forms didn’t have egos to be contaminated with?

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Are you talking about existentialism. Well, “what is reality?” is the most interesting question to me, and also the most difficult one to answer. I don’t know, I don’t see how I would but I have my ideas about existence, reality and the nature of the universe. I’d like to think we are getting closer to understanding it, but we are still far from it.

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I think this is about existentialism I’m pretty sure reality is however we experience it

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There are two realities. The first reality is the world as we perceive it and as we create it through imagination and art; the other reality lies deeper and is a mystery.

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