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What's the best free virus protection for Windows in 2014?

Asked by jca (35989points) February 8th, 2014

What’s the best free virus protection for Windows in 2014?

I see this question was asked a few years ago, but technology changes…..

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I use Windows Defender, which to my knowledge, has been built into Windows for some time now. I have no other anti-virus protection on my PC, and (knock on wood) have had no problems in the virus department.

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Using a read only virtual OS that gets reset on every boot.

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Another vote for Avast!

@SquirrelEStuff Read this head-to-head and you might change your thinking.

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@ragingloli… and if the host OS gets infected? Even if you don’t run anything on it, if it has an internet connection it can get infected.

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@SquirrelEStuff Download superantispyware portable scanner technicians edition and see how many things pop up. Windows defender is pretty shit.

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I have been using Avira free antivirus software for three years and I have no complains of any kind of infection,system crashes and system slowdown unlike other softwares.
Avira does its work silently and in a more professional way i.e. This is not an annoying software and works intelligently.

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I’m still using the free version of AVG and I’ve never had a virus while using it.

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@ibstubro I’ve only ever had 2 viruses. One was with AVG, the other was on a Mac.

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Thanks, @jerv. I’m going to switch to the other computer sitting on my desk one day, and I’ll check into Avast for it.

I have two complete computers set up at my desk, and yet, continue to use the slow old antique.

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I like Avira and Kingsoft Antivirus If speaking about free ones and Kaspersky if you are ready to pay for software.

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@lillyhop Most of the tests Ive seen place Kingsoft near the bottom of the list as far as effectiveness. Getting rated 26th out of 27 products tested isnt really a ringing endorsement :/

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@jerv Yeah, I’ve never even heard of that.

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I like Avira Free Antivirus.

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Hi Ica,
I would be suggest Norton security for windows. it’s a very good security that provides well protection from virus as well as data backup.
I am also using.

Crif Johnson

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