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Have you ever been a "Mawsh Pit"?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) June 30th, 2008 from iPhone

What was it like? Did you just dive in or what? How far did you go?

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I’ve been in a lot, but the craziest was at a Modest Mouse concert. When youre 5’2’’ and 100 pounds you get dragged under! I felt suffocated and wanted to pass out, so I said no more! And crowd surfed out. Other times at local (smaller) shows its a lot more fun, well to me.

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No but my friend broke her foot in one

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isn’t it called mosh pit ? anyway, i’ve never been in one, i vent my frustrations elsewhere… i must say that when they happen around me i tend to step back and for instance, protect smaller people i’m with

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Yep, mosh not mawsh. But thats an interesting way to spell it? :)

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“Mosh pit” is what you are looking for, and they are absolutely awesome. In Austin, Lamb of God was playing and I was in the wall of death, it’s where two sides form and then run at each other full force ending up as a huge cluster f**k. In Utah, depending on who’s playing, there is a certain type of person who will show up. The people I am talking about are usually on meth or PCP and they’ll put razor blades in between their knuckles and they will just swing their arms wildly to the sound of the beat. Once at a Slayer concert, a kid fell on the ground and got his head stomped in, and when they called the paramedics they had a lot of trouble getting to the kid. Once they got to the kid, Slayer stopped playing and immediately started up “Raining Blood” and the paramedics got swept away in the stew of people, the kid died at the concert. As far as injuries go for me, I have had my should dislocated, my nose broken twice, a rolled ankle, all of my fingers(not including thumbs) have been broken at least once, too many black eyes to count, I almost got my back broken once when I fell, I got nicked by one of those kids from Utah but nothing to serious, and I’ve got a small chuck of my ear missing.

@TheHaight, I never knew Modest Mouse had mosh pits, they seem to laid back for their fans to be doing that. What’s really awesome though is getting high on Dramamine and then listening to their music, I don’t know if your into that but it’s pretty crazy.

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porksoda, the question that rises for me is…why is it still awesome if you get messed up so bad ? i myself am pretty protective of my body, i’m even concerned about a bruise, so maybe that’s why i don’t get it, i mean, is it cool to get messed up so bad ?

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Well it’s not “cool”, but it’s fun, not necessarily the getting messed up part, but the fact that you are doing it. I don’t know how to explain it, I box and wrestle with people as well as a UFC/MMA thing with my friends. So you could say that I enjoy getting hurt haha.

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If you’re not gonna try to get close to the band, I don’t see the point of going to live shows, so yea, I’ve been in the thick of it a few times :)

Funniest story was probably when Bon Jovi was headlining at Midtfyns festivalen (5 day festival in Denmark). We got to the mainstage early to get as close as possible. When they jumped out on stage the crowd went crazy and me and my 2 friends were ‘torn’ apart. One fainted and came to as she was being carried away by a Hells Angels biker. The other fell and literally had footprints all over her and I was lucky, my shoes got trampled off and I was somewhat challenged to breath for a while but managed to get out before it went horribly wrong.

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Thank you iwamoto, @TheHaight. & @xxporkxsodaxx! I stand corrected! Mosh Pit it is…@TheHaight, my daughter has surfed many a “mosh pit” <grin>. She too is 5’2” on a tall day and about 110. She has told me all about surfing up to the stage and said it was a blast! Hmmmm

Anyway, my thanx again for the spellcheck. Appreciate it!

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WTF & I just went a to Modest Mouse concert

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I am so so so jealous of you people who have been to Modest Mouse! Most of the shows that I have been to have had separate all age areas, and the mosh pit is reserved for over 18s so I’ve missed out on those ones. In retrospect though, looking down on the mosh pit for Iron Maiden, I must say I was glad not to be in it. I am quite short, hence my nickname, and I would have got slaughtered. I enjoy the mini mosh pits I’ve been to at some folk festivals, because everyone gets right into the dancing there and it’s just a whole lot of fun, hippies are great :)

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what I want to know is when it became a “mosh pit” instead of being called “slam dancing” (I am old I guess)

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@playthebanjo, I know what you mean. I used to go to tons of punk shows as a kid but I don’t remember the it even having a name (except when people did “the pogo” I remember seeing on Sex Pistols videos). Anyway, I think it got called a “most pit” sometime around when the whole grunge thing exploded.

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It was slam dancing in the 80’s (did that once) and mosh pits came about in the 90’s. I was at a small club on the dance floor waiting for Bad Religion to start. As soon as they started the whole dance floor became a mosh pit and I just made my way to the bar getting the hell beat out of me the whole way…arms, fists and legs flying. They didn’t care how big or small (5“0’, 105 lbs.) you were. My first and only time…scary!!!!
I want to see Modest Mouse, too.

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If I were 30 years younger, I would say that, “No, I have never been a Mawsh Pit.” But I’m not and I won’t, since I really like and admire sccrowell.

And whatever it is, was, called, I can’t imagine volunteering, having broken a number of bones. Healing was not fun.

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Ive been in many. Love them. I dont know why really, but when your there your adrenaline just gets pumping and then well in you go lol.Your pretty much numb to pain while your in there, its the next morning you have to worry about. Ive been in a lot of pretty crazy ones usually with people much much larger than me. (5’9” 145 pounds) I remember when i saw chimaria at ozzfest a couple of years back they divided the whole crowd right down the middle like moses with the red sea and then had everyone run at each other at the same time. That was pretty awesome. Last friday at the dethklok concert i almost lost my front teeth in one. I got thrown from one side of the pit while a kid got thrown from the other his head was going up mind going down and we collided. His forehead when right into my front teeth, i fell up into the air and then landed flat on my back. Blood was pouring out of my mouth and i had almost bit through my lip. The kids head had two teeth marks in it and he also had a lot of blood coming out of it. We both got taken out side, and given some ice and water. After a couple minutes i went back inside to the pit lol. DETHKLOK RULES!!! lol ^_^

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i’m been in way too many, i don’t like them much. i rather just sit and enjoy the music, not have to worry about being able to breathe, who’s stepping on my foot, falling over, etc etc. i was in the pit for underoath when they opened for coheed and cambia.. that wasn’t much fun. but when i saw the matches.. that was a pretty fun one. it depends i guess, i just gotta be in the right mood.

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Forgot to mention, i usually dont spend the whole concert in the pit as i also like to just watch the bands. I’ll usually spend 85% of the show just watching and then the other 15% in the pit. Depending on band though it may be more or less pit to watching ratio.

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I myself have never been in one, nor do I wish to be. I figured it was a kid thing (no offence to or for anyone younger than I that has!) It seems the older I get, the longer it takes to heal!

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I’ve been in tons of mosh pits. Like some others have mentioned, I’m small, (5’ 6”, and only 120 lbs) but I get in there and mosh just as hard as any others. Its easier to convince people to let you crowd surf when you are small. =) The fun of a mosh all depends on the show, the location and the people around. I’m like the others too though because I don’t like to stay in the pit the whole time. Breathing and cooling down is nice too.

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