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Are you trapped by desire, like a monkey with rice in a coconut?

Asked by talljasperman (21916points) February 8th, 2014

I’ve felt the same… its like a trap to catch monkeys… you put a small hole in a coconut and tie it to a stake in the ground and fill with tasty rice. The monkeys will not let go of the rice and are easy to catch…seeing that the rice won’t come out of the coconut. You might be in a similar situation you need to let go and move on. Or you will be caught like the monkey.

I feel trapped ,or tamed, into submission because of my desire to finish university, and to have a conservative lifestyle… 2.8 children and house and family.
What about you what has trapped you in the past? How did you free yourself?

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No. I am trapped by desire, like a cookie without a glass of milk.

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I thought this was a different sort of question, lol. I used to be trapped by a desire to be a doctor and I snapped out of it, but it took many years. I used to be trapped by thinking I had to have a plan and it took one failed marriage to get out of that. I am trapped still in many ways but I am working on it.

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@cookieman Then I am trapped by desire like a poor fool with a 1000000000$ offer.

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Like you, I grew up in an environment where the reigning beliefs were expected to be carried out by all. Or so I thought. Based upon the comments from peers, they assumed the same thing. What we eventually found out is that this isn’t true, depending on where one lives.

As long as a person has Internet access, as you do, there will always be the ability to connect with other humans who feel the same way that you do

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I think I’m trapped by my desire to lose weight, but even writing that sounds ridiculous. yes I am overweight by three stones

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Yes, all are trapped by desire for something. But, as the Buddha said, you gotta let that shit go dude.

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I hire out monkeys to do my trapping for me.

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