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I am having a very hard emotional time. What do I do because no one will help me?

Asked by PuppieLuv (272points) February 8th, 2014

For the past 5 months or so, I have been having major difficulty emotionally. I have been hearing voices, seeing things people say are not there, crying all the time, and I blow up at people too. I find myself wanting to hibernate in my room for the rest of my life if I stay because I feel any little thing I do makes it worse and stresses me out. I also have started cutting within the last month and a half and I told people when I started but they didnt do anything but judge me and make me feel worse so even though I still do it I dont tell people know which is bad but I tell them about my emotions and they dont do anything but say I am wrong to feel them. I feel like just giving up and saying the hell with this and I dont know what to do. I have brought up to people maybe placing me somewhere but they say it will make things worse which i dont see how it can get much worse. I need help!!!

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How old are you? Where are you located (roughly)? Who are these people you’ve told about your situation? Parents? Friends?

What you describe are symptoms of something larger. You certainly need support and understanding.

The answers to the questions above can maybe help us direct to the right kind of help.

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I am 17 years old and i live in Connecticut. I told my parents, therepist and some friends.

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Okay, so you have a therapist. Do you also have a diagnosis?

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They say I have depression but they aren’t doing anything for it meanwhile things are getting worse. I sometimes think I have other things too but they wont test me for it for some reason even though I ask.

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If you are diagnosed with clinical depression, you should be on a treatment plan that would involve regular talk therapy appointments and/or medication. Are you?

When you say “they aren’t doing anything for it”, who are “they”? Are they really doing nothing at all? Ignoring the symptoms?

If the “they” includes your therapist, you may need a new therapist.

I’m really sorry you are going through this. Do not give up hope. Solutions can be found. You are a person of value and deserve solutions.

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I am diagnosed with clinical depression and I was put on medication for it when I was younger but it hasnt been touched since i was about 14 years old and I do go to my therepist but every other time is family therepy and it is always a war scene because everyone interupts eachother and it is ends with nothing getting done. When it is just me in therepy I try to talk about whats going on but when I ask about trying to find ways to solve things every idea I come up with is shot down and when I ask about med adjustments he says lets wait a little longer but I dont know how much longer I can wait. Thank you for thinking I am worth something though I dont always feel I am so thank you.

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Sounds like you need someone to focus just on you, independent from your family issues.

I might suggest calling these folks for help:

Capital Region
Mental Health Center
500 Vine Street
Hartford, CT 06112
Mobile Crisis Team Hotline: (860) 297–0999
Phone: (860) 297–0800

At minimum, they should be able to refer you to some help.

Please take care of yourself.


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ok I will give that a try thank you

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Go to the ER. If this isn’t bullshit you need some help that tradition channels can’t address.

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Okay I will try to get my mom to bring me tomorrow when I get home from my dads because I cant drive and my dad most likely wont bring me. He wont even bring me to the doctors if im sick.

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I will also try to get in contact with the other people too and see which works first because if she won’t bring me then I dont know what I will do.

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What you are discribing sounds a lot like the symptoms of schizophrenia, you need to get to a doctor and make sure you tell them everthing you just said on here about hearing voices and and people that are not there, in males it can start in late teens so getting to a doctor is key here they can get you properly diagnosed and on the right medications to help control it.

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You have bottled up a LOT of emotions, fears and anxieties. My son was your age and he went suicidal because of similar social and school pressures. He did not sleep for over 2 months and I and my wife had no clue. On the outside he was perfect and inside he was fighting a battle Royale with social pressures and cruel kids sniping at him. Thankfully we were able to rescue him and thanks to a terrific social therapist, therapeutic medication and two above and beyond teachers who stepped up to help our son navigate those choppy waters he faced. You sound as if you are facing these challenges on your own and you do not have to suffer and endure all this solo. Do seek help…be it your parents, a teacher, a counselor, even the local police… not go another day carrying this burden by yourself…there are lots of people who are ready and willing to help you. PM me if you need to!!

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Thank you to you both it means alot to know that people who dont even know me can care this much. I hope that this can get under control soon and I will try to get the help I need to get through this. I dont like feeling this way and it is really hard to deal with so thank you for helping me find options.

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Be sure to let us know how it goes (simply update this thread).

And hey, welcome to Fluther.

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ok I will thank you

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Just an update, I have asked my mom and therepist about the hospital and they still say they wont get me there so i have started looking up treatment options on my own and will bring it up soon I found one that looks like a good fit for me so hopefully they dont totally shoot it down.

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Well as of right now they said no. I emailed my other doctor and asked her if she thought maybe it could be an option. I feel almosst like I have to do even worse things than im already doing to get what I think I need even though I believe I already need the things. I dont know if they realize that when they think its time for it maybe it will be to late for me and it makes me really mad that they wont listen to my imput.

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