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Is this an expensive plumbing fix?

Asked by hug_of_war (10720points) February 8th, 2014 from iPhone

I pooped (normal size, slightly soft). Wiped twice. Toilet clogged and I have tried every trick except a plumbing snake or drano. (I can’t drive). I have been at it for 3.5 hours. My mom is going to be pissed when she finds out.

At first the water rose. After doing some stuff it would slowly drain and than gurgle when the water level got too low. No chance of it being toys or whatever. Though I don’t know how it’s so stuck.

How badly is this going to hurt my wallet?

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$35/hour for a cheap plumber.

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It’s draining slowly right? Heat up about a gallon of water in a pot and pour some dish washing liquid soap into it. Then pour it into the bowl and let it sit for 15 minutes . Heat up more water and pour that in again. Cost? About $0.50 worth of soap.
Do you have a plunger? That should clear it too.

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@LuckyGuy I was told that adding hot water to a cold toilet would crack the bowl? @hug of war tell us what works?

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@luckyguy – I tried that. I tried just warm water. Warm water and a few squirts of dish soap. Baking soda and vinegar. Plunging. Plunging. And more plunging. A coat hanger. More plunging. I’m exhausted.

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Baking soda! Let it sit for a while, maybe 30 minutes. Then flush if it hasn’t already drained. Also, if you don’t know, you can control the water flow by the flap inside the tank. That can help you get more water moving through without overflowing the toilet.

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Can I ask is there water in your sink maybe soaking some dishes near that bathroom? I know my downstairs bathroom clogs alot if my kitchen sink is full of water. I found when I let out the water it works fine. I had my biggest problem when I was dying something and had the sink in the kitchen holding water and the whole time it was soaking I couldn’t get my toilet to unclog then all of a sudden when I let the sink water out to rinse, it sucked all water down in the toilet without anyone even touching the toilet.

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Here’s some advice for the future. Shit, flush, wipe, flush.

For now, warm water won’t crack the toilet. It’s not going to be boiling temperature, just warm.

Please let us know what worked for you.

You may want to invest in a snake for the future (plumbing snake not the animal snake).

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Just let it sit. The tp and poo will naturally dissolve. Flush in 6 hours and it will probably be fine.

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Are other drains working? Hopefully, they are. If not, you might have a clog at your septic tank or the line out of the house. Ugh!

It has been more than 6 hours. Did the detergent do its job?
Squirt some more dish washing liquid into the bowl and refill. Let it work.

Also add some fiber to your diet.

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Open the cap on your outdoor access pipe to your septic tank and check to see if it is full ,it is possible that it is not draining because it is backed up because the septic tank is full. it may need to be pumped out.

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@1TubeGuru I live out in a more rural area and have a septic tank. One time the input baffle to the tank plugged up preventing material from getting into the tank. I dug down 18 inches and opened the inspection cover. I put the barrel of my Remington 1100 20 ga.shotgun in the hole and fired one shot into the water and sludge. The concussion was enough to break the clog free and the gunk immediately started flowing into the tank.
Cost: about $0.40 for the one shotgun shell.
P.S. This procedure is not recommended for city dwellers.
P.P.S. Wear safety glasses and a raincoat.

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We used to have a septic tank where I live now and the roots from the tree in the yard used to get into the tank and clog it up. The septic guys would have to come and dig out the roots.

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I was just searching for a photo of a good plunger to use (not the traditional bowl-shaped object that everyone recalls from their youth and cartoons, but a really effective tool) and found an article that shows the plunger and describes the technique to use as well as or better than I could.

I used a plunger and technique very similar to this to unclog a toilet in two minutes that the owner had told me was hopelessly clogged for over a week, despite strenuous efforts to clear it.

EDIT: You can obtain that plunger at Walmart, Home Depot or Lowe’s, or most hardware stores. It’s cheap and highly effective.

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I let it sit overnight and it quickly flushed this morning yay!

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