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How many fingers do you type with?

Asked by flip86 (6208points) February 9th, 2014

I use 2 fingers. Left index finger and right middle finger.

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9. I don’t use the left thumb.

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Milo here; All 18 of them

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All 10. I touch type but need to look down for keys other than the letters.

~Don’t ask how I move the mouse.

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I just realized that I use three fingers. I occasionally use my left thumb for the shift key. I was never good at those typing teacher things in school and could never get it down.

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Haha..I’m pretty fast for being a left handed, slightly ADD “type.” I use whatever fingers feel right in the moment. I am amazingly fast even with just two. Experimenting now and it seems I could lose most of my fingers and still type fairly fast and accurately. lol

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About eight or nine. All on the right hand and three or four on the left. Not at all in the proper way either. I can type 50% of the time without looking, but it’s completely my own, made up system.

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None, I use my toes, it’s quite a feet feat.

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Assuming you mean on a full-size keyboard, I mostly use 6 – thumbs, index, and middle fingers on each hand, with an occasional ring finger (right more likely than left) thrown in. I went to High School in the early ‘80s. Typing was an optional course that was mostly targeted to those girls who were not likely to go to college. Computers were still very new, and it was an elective class in which we learned MS-BASIC on an Apple ][e. I tried a couple self-taught typing courses over the years, on an old IBM typewriter and on the computer, but never did well. My visual memory and fine motor skills are inadequate. I have to look at my hands.

On my touch screen tablet I might use index and middle fingers. On the smart phone, I use right index and sometimes middle finger. When the iPhone first came out, I was pretty good at using the index for the left side of the keyboard and the middle finger for the right side; but I guess I type less on it now than I did back then, because I seem rusty when I try. I often use voice dictation on these devices nowadays – very convenient, once you get used to verbalizing your punctuation.

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All fingers on both my hands, chaulk it up to typing class in junior high…..

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I use all of them…My thumb is commander of the space bar.

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I’m schizo. One to 8 and occasionally both thumbs.

I have to look at the keyboard most of the time, but I’m pretty fast at typing.

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All of them. My left thumb is used the least often.

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Mainly my two middle fingers, sometimes with a power assist from one or the other of my left index digits. I’ve done it that way since I taught myself how to use a typewriter at age 10 or 11. I’m very fast, though not as accurate as I used to be.

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When typing i use three or four fingers mainly using the middle and index fingers of both hands. when I use my scientific calculator for trigging out odd angle piping offsets at work, I hold the calculator in the palm of my right hand and press all of the numbers and functions with the very tip of my arched right thumb.

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Ten. I took typing in high school. lol

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I use my two index fingers. I didn’t inherit the gene that allows use of all ten.

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All of them, except perhaps my left thumb. I type 60 wmp.

It’s not a gene @flutherother! It’s an easily acquired skill. I took typing in HS too. It is probably the class that has been THE most useful in the every day world.

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All of them. I was taught how to type the “correct” way in elementary school and it stuck. I don’t have to look at the keyboard (or the monitor for that matter) to type and I type about 92 WPM.

I call the two-finger technique “chicken pecking.” I find that it’s mostly people over a certain age that do that – my parents, for instance – but I’ve seen older people type the right way.

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@Dutchess_III I’m not so sure about easily acquired. I would never take classes but I have had quite a bit of practise to no avail.

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No, people who have not learned to type hunt and peck. Has nothing to do with age.

What kind of “practise”, @flutherother? Do you know the home keys, or what that means?

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I’ve no idea what the home keys are. Typing for me is like playing the guitar. It’s something I’ll never do well however much I try. I get by with two finger typing quite well, even at work.

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Well, they have books and tutorials. You could pick it up in a day or two if you wanted to. I can type as fast as a person can talk. I can’t imagine how I’d do that if I only used two fingers!

The home keys are the keys your fingers are resting on when they aren’t being used. They are ASDF JKL;. You’ll notice that the F and J keys have a little raised ridge one them. You can feel that with the tips of your index fingers and know you’re on the home keys without looking.

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@Dutchess_III Some people just cannot type as those courses teach. I tried and tried with Mavis Beacon as a child and also took a typing class as a teen and it never clicked. My fingers never want to cooperate. I also can’t wink, if that tells you anything.

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Really? That’s interesting. And you can’t wink? Do you fall down for no reason when you walk? :)

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My left eye doesn’t cooperate. It is quite a site to see me attempt it.

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I’m winking like crazy to be sure I can still do it!

Are you unable to do other things? I’m not even going to ask you to pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time.

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Just the winking and typing as far as I know. I played Guitar Hero a few years ago and was pretty terrible. I got a little better over time but not by much.

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Typing is a whole lot easier than playing a guitar!

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One, but I can still type forty words a minute!

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@Dutchess_III “No, people who have not learned to type hunt and peck. Has nothing to do with age.”

Well it’s quite obviously a matter of experience. However, people around my age and younger are way more likely to type correctly because of required computer classes in school that weren’t available years ago. Therefore, many older folks haven’t been taught the correct way to do it and are more likely to search and peck. Like I said, plenty of older people do type correctly, but most people that don’t seem to be over a certain age. So, yes, age does have a little to do with it right now – by the time I’m my parents’ age, that difference will be way less prevalent.

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I had typing in HS and I still can’t type properly. I was kinda friends with my typing teacher – knowing him outside of school – so I think he let me get by with it.

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I use 8 fingers and my right thumb. I can’t say that I type without looking all the time, but I do try.

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Correction: ”It is quite a sight to see me attempt it

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I type with six fingers, Index, middle and the ring finger. Once in a while I may use the pinkie or thumb to press shift or space bar.

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All my fingers and my right thumb.

I also took typing in high school and I kicked ass. I had the fastest typing speed in class. The only time I’ve pecked was when my fingers were greasy from eating pizza and I didn’t want to get my keyboard messy.

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@livelaughlove21 Newsflash…The typewriter was invented in 1868. We had typing classes in Jr. High and in High School back in the dark ages. Typing classes focused strictly on proper typing, speed and accuracy. An entire semester focused on nothing but typing. It’s been my experience (and to my great frustration) that they don’t teach actual “typing” in computer classes. They teach computer and briefly touch on actual typing. They don’t go into nearly the depth for the typing portion of it that they did back in the olden days. In fact, my kids think I’m pretty amazing.

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@Dutchess_III So, typing courses were required when you were in school? I’m not sure that was the case for most people. If it were, you’d think more older people would type correctly. Typing was required for me in both elementary and middle school – yes, where actual typing was taught. We had to go through lessons and couldn’t move onto the next until we reached a certain wpm with no errors. That’s how I learned to type, and that’s how most people I know around my age learned to type. My parents and the older people I’ve spoken to about this weren’t required to take classes like that, computer or no computer.

And by the way, the arrogant “newsflash” is a little uncalled for. We’re talking about typing – chill out. It’s not as if I said, “Old people can’t type because they’re stupid!” Come on…

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As I said, it sounds like you got lucky with your particular teachers. In my experience MOST people don’t know how to type. It has nothing to do with age.

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Luckily, typing was a mandatory class when I was in 8th grade. So I touch type pretty fast, except I have to look down for numbers and symbols.

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I taught myself 10 key. Wait…I just realized I typed the number 10 from the top row without even looking! I didn’t know I could do that! And OH! I just typed the !!!! without looking! Oh! I did it again! WAAAAA??? (I feel like that crazy guy on the Cox commercial)

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