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What is your definition of heaven?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) February 9th, 2014

How do you imagine it? Describe it.

With heartfelt thanks.

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I have none.

Thanks awfully.

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While I do believe in other planes of existence I really don’t know what to expect once my time on earth is completed. Aldous Huxley referred to life after death as the Great Perhaps and I feel similar in attitude;)

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No such thing.

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No pain,no taxes,no human suffering,no conservatives..just kidding on the last one well at least no extreme conservatives, I will stand on that one.

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The definition of Heaven is a beautiful place we all go (or our souls go) after we die if we’ve lived a decent life. It is the place from whence we came; it’s our real “home.” Our family who passed before us are there and no bad feelings between us exist.
Now, if you want a physical description of it I can only go by what I’ve read in books. And I am not in the mood today to be scoffed at by what I’ve read. Maybe some other time.

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Being in the presence of God.

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Having peace of mind. I live in heaven nearly every day.

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An invented concept used by clergy to encourage behavior modification.

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A Paradise, really peaceful and free of worries. In India people say a tour to Kashmir is equivalent to taking a tour to heaven on this earth.

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Like @5ilfann & @aster both. Worshipping in pure joy my Creator, with my family & old dogs.

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The kingdom of “heaven” is within, not some magical after life destination.
“Heaven” to me is having all your needs met on a monetary and physical level so that one can pursue a higher calling of peace, joy, helping others and freedom from the work machine.

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