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Do you expose yourself to advertising?

Asked by hominid (7337points) February 9th, 2014

Since we all agree that advertising works and we are not immune, how much exposure do you allow yourself (or your kids)?

Do you watch tv? Do you allow your children to watch tv? If you watch tv, do you have a method for avoiding commercials?

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I guess we are exposed to it everyday wether we watch TV or not,it’s all around us,radio, billboards,newspapers,internet, and so on, I also guess it’s our own personalities as to how much it will affect us and in which way.

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@SQUEEKY2: “I guess we are exposed to it everyday wether we watch TV or not,it’s all around us,radio, billboards,newspapers,internet, and so on”

I suppose that is what I am asking. Many of us don’t watch tv, listen to radio, live in a part of the country with billboards, read newspapers, consume the internet without adblockers, etc. To what degree do you expose yourself to advertising? Are you conscious of it, and how do comfortable are you with it?

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Sometimes it pisses me off, but for the most part,I know it is how the shows and what I want to read or view pays the bills.

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We listen mostly to community supported radio, and avoid commercials there. We rarely watch broadcast television, and when we do, we usually engage in other things when the commercial breaks occur. In fact, I often get mad at myself during the Super Bowl, because it’s the only time that I want to see the bazillion-dollar ads, but I forget to pay any attention to them. The ads in the previews at the movies are the ones where I am truly a captive audience; but even then, we’ll be checking our smartphones before shutting them down and having conversation, so we try to tune them out.

There are several billboards on one half of my commute, two of which are digital – which I think can be dangerous. Most of it is a crowded highway, so the billboards blend in with the buildings so I don’t notice them much. On the stretch of interstate where they are visible, I do notice those more.

On websites, I usually resize the page to effectively block out the ads – especially those annoying .gifs that are so distracting. I also hate the auto-play feature for videos people post on social sites. The ads that play before some shared videos are also obnoxious and I mute the sound then eagerly wait for the Skip button to appear.

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I pirate all tv and that comes with the ads removed. And I do really aggressive ad blocking on my computer. I only heard of a bunch of Oscar nominated from people asking me to pirate them. Looks at Dallas Buyers Club. I only heard of it from Allie asking for it.

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No I don’t. I haven’t for a while. I used to be very into all that as a youngster. Thank heavens it has all changed. I walk away from adverts and also magazines and media that I feel is feeding their pockets. Even if it is a rag mag i.e. calling all women fat or focusing on stars and their weight gain. (Anything to sell a mag).

I see through adverts. I do at times see one that catches my eye simply because I had been looking for that particular item. Like the new round Hall Throat Lozenges. I had a very sore throat.

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I watch a lot of TV. I fast forward through a lot of commercials, but even back in the day when I didn’t have a DVR I tried not to get too sucked in by advertising. I am aware that
I don’t buy certain products, because I don’t feel I really fit the demographic. I rarely am convinced by a commercial that I need something; I am not usually an impulsive shopper. The one exception is food. If I see a pizza advertised I want one. It’s why I rarely watch the food channel.

I don’t have children, but I have a husband and he knows I dissaprove of buying things advertised on TV. LOL. He gets sucked in more than I do. As a child my parents told me from a young age that advertising is to be ignored.

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Mostly no. I use adblock, I maintain a healthy cynicism. I make an exception for Super Bowl ads, out of an amateur’s interest in the advertiser’s art.

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I like to think I have developed the ability to filter it out but realistically, I know some of it sneaks past the filters because I will find myself humming a song from an ad at times.

I can honestly say that, except for the main content, I cannot tell you what is advertised on my fb page. I know that it is there but see past it. I don’t recall ever clicking on a link “provided” but I guess enough people do to make it worthwhile to those who are “providing” me, and others, the opportunity.

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Of course! A lot more sneaks through your filters than you realize. I’m not immune either.

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We don’t have TV service. We watch shows on DVD which we have checked out from the library. No commercials. And since we watch primarily science fiction, BBC shows and other non-American television, or older shows from the 70s and 80s, any product placement is lost on us.

True story: At the laundromat a few weeks ago, my son was watching Family Guy on the TV there, and it cut to a commercial. He’s like “Mama, what show is this? And where did my show go?” I told him it was just a commercial. “Oh…. what’s a commercial?”

I forgot he was less than three years old the last time we had cable. Haha.

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