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Can you eat raw human flesh?

Asked by Obscurethinktank (135points) February 9th, 2014

I’ve been wondering this for a while. I would like to know if human flesh is eatable raw, or does it have parasites that you need to cook?

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Not legally ,but I would think just to be on the safe side it should be cooked first.
Kind of a weird question,but then again I did answer it, so don’t know which one of us is more disturbed ?

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You know what Jeffrey Dahmer sang on the way to his fridge don’t you?
“My baloney has a first name….”
I think the real question is why would you want to know? :-/

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I was curious. If I was ever in the situation, then I would ike to know if I could eat it raw. Like if I didn’t have a fire.

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I’d cook it first just to be on the safe side. In cannibal tribes though, they mostly ate the human flesh, and some organs, raw. So I guess it’s safe? Just don’t drink the blood if it’s fresh meat, you’ll get sick for sure.

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I couldn’t. Especially if it were clown. They taste funny.

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I think any meat and vegetables can have dangerous microorganisms, but that in most cases the contamination occurs in how the item is grown/raised and processed. If one has grown spinach in their garden themselves, they are far less likely to get e.coli than if they buy bagged spinach at the grocery store. If one raises and butchers livestock or poultry themselves, they are far less likely to get salmonella.

If I were in a survival situation and I had to chose to eat from the corpse of my family member or the corpse of a complete stranger, I would feel safer with the person whose health status and grooming habits I knew. Psychologically, I don’t know what I would do – even if I were able to make a fire and cook it.

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Meat would probably be fine since parasites are pretty rare in humans (at least in our part of the world), but I’d stay away from the brains

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Thanks guys, you really helped me put things in perspective. Now I know that if it came down to it, I could eat human raw.

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@Obscurethinktank I think it best impaled on a Oleander branch. If it came down to eating someone I’d eat the poison leaves. lol

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Didn’t the Dahmer party eat raw flesh? Or did they cook them first? I can’t be arsed to look it up and I don’t think anywhere specifically mentions how they prepared the bodies.

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@keobooks Dahmer Party? haha
You mean DONNER Party?
Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer from the late 70’s til early 90’s and The Donner Party were american immigrants that got frozen in the snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains here in the 1860’s cannibalizing some of their party.

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@Coloma haha! Whoops! I didn’t even realize I made that goof.

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@keobooks Hilarious…oh no…multiple Dahmers.
I think the Donner party did eat some frozen flesh raw.

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I don’t think humans would taste very good, considering our diets. We’re omnivores and I’m sure that the meat and junk we eat would make us taste like hyena meat. Not that I’ve ever HAD hyena meat..

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@keobooks Methinks you protest too much.

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Jerky lasts longer and the curing process might kill off any baddies.
Of course, that depends on if you are eating tumors or butt meat. @ragingloli

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I like my butt meat with extra tumors.

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The Uruguayan Rugby team felt it was OK….

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Yes. It should be cooked. Google Armin Meiwes.

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Cannibalism can facilitate the spread of deadly prion diseases. One can get a disease from eating human flesh if that flesh is infected.

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Anytime you eat animal flesh raw there is a chance of getting protozoan and helminth parasites as well as other harmful microorganisms.

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I’ve nibbled on beaver & never felt any negative health related issues.

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I’d cook it unless you were desperate and even then you might want to stay away from the brains, Kuru is kind of a nasty disease.

kuru was 8 to 9 times more prevalent in women and children than in men at its peak — is because, while the men of the village took the choice cuts, the women and children would eat the rest of the body, including the brain, where the prion particles were particularly concentrated. There is also the strong possibility that it was passed on to women and children more easily because they took on the task of cleaning relatives after death and may have had open sores and cuts on their hands From Wikipedia

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After the zombie apocalypse, when you’ve joined the masses of the undead, you’ll consider raw, human flesh to be a delicacy.

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It depends on how healthy the human lived, how many diseases it contracted.
It is probably best to only eat the children.

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@ragingloli And avoid the liver… to many chemicals.

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Which is odd, because demons seem to always go after human livers.

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@ragingloli Demons have a higher constitution/tolerance for such foods/cuts.

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plus, they eat their own poop

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I ate raw sea snails in asia, but they were pickled in brine and..I drank massive amounts of beer, so I was saved. lol

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