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Am I the only one that thinks Greek yogurt is disgusting?

Asked by livelaughlove21 (15713points) February 9th, 2014 from iPhone

I love regular yogurt. I wanted to switch to Greek yogurt because of the protein content, so I’ve been trying different brands and flavors periodically over the last year. I’ve tried adding sweetener to it as well as fruit and granola.

Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that Greek yogurt is just nasty, and not worth the extra protein. But so many people seem to love it. Anyone else think it just tastes like yogurt that went bad several months ago?

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I haven’t had it enough to condemn it outright, but I haven’t like what little I have tried.

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I love it. Sorry.

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Fage 2% plain. Do not add anything. It tastes great. Stay away from fat-free.

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@hominid Tried it already. Just as bitter as the rest.

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I eat it every day. Try the store brand (whatever your store brand is) generic, Vanilla. Vanilla is somewhat sweet. I add walnuts to it that I chop up.

I get mine for about 88 cents each on sale, sometimes $1 for 6 oz. Trader Joe’s has a good Vanilla one but they’re more expensive and you only get 5.3 oz.

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When you say “just nasty” what specifically do you mean? Do you not like the thick smooth and creamy texture? Or are you finding that the stuff is kind of curdled? Some brands curdle up for some reason.

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@keobooks The texture is great. It’s the flavor – so bitter! Even the flavored ones.

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Ahhh ok. What flavors have you had? Citrus stuff that usually tastes wonderful with regular yogurt tastes awful with Greek, IMO. I like raspberry and strawberry and that’s IT. The other flavors are no good.

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@keobooks I’ve tried vanilla, strawberry, and some other berry flavor (blackberry, perhaps). I’ve also tried adding actual fruit.

I know a lot of people use it as a sour cream substitute, and I can see why. It has that same bitter flavor. I like sour cream, but I certainly don’t eat it right out of the container.

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Try Oikos blood orange or lemon. They’re tangy, which I think hides the bitter better. I don’t really like any but those two, for the same reason. I get the 100 calorie tiny ones and just Hoover them cause they are “good for me,” but I’ve never really liked yogurt in general.
I do use plain Greek in place of mayo in tuna salads and such. And in place of sour cream. The Oikos French Onion dip is pretty darn tasty, and has replaced fatty dip and ranch with chips and veggies for me.

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To each their own. My husband and I love it with sweeterner, vamilla and berries.

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I have some low fat Chobani Champions tubes in strawberry/banana and cherry and just taste like yogurt to me. I shared them with a friend and there were no complaints.

Here, try one of mine.

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I eat Greek for breakfast and I also use it as a substitute for sour cream when I make chicken paprikash. I like the Mueller ones.

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I’ve liked all of them that I have tried. I do not buy the no fat or low fat as those often have artificial sweetener in them. Key Lime has been my favorite so far. Oikos brand, for the record.

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Greek yogurt is just regular yogurt with less water and why the flavor and taste is so intense. I for one do like Greek yogurt because it is more flavorful and “tighter” in texture. I also like to cook with plain Greek yogurt as a substitute for butter and cheese in some recipes.

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I’ve only had it once in a restaurant in Edmonton it was plain and too strong for me… it’s one of the time times that I refused a meal. The other time was cold Asian soup with tentacles and squid.

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The low fat Chobani Champions tubes are 2.25 oz, only natural ingredients and (I think) 70 calories. Easily eaten in the car, even while driving. During the summer, they’d probably be good frozen, as they are packed like an ice pop.

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The no fat ones I buy have no artificial sweeteners, @tedibear.

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I buy only Stonyfield Farm fat-free yogurts – both regular and their Greek-style. They are organic and do not use any artificial ingredients. I like both pretty equally well, and have not found the Greek-style to have a bitter taste to it.

Here’s the Ingredients list from their Cherry Greek yogurt:
Our Family Recipe Yogurt: Cultured Pasteurized Organic Nonfat Milk;
Cherry Fruit Preparation: Organic Cherries, Organic Sugar, Organic Corn Starch, Natural Flavor, Organic Fruit and Vegetable Juice Concentrates (For Color), Organic Carob Bean Gum.
Live Active Cultures: S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus, L. acidophilus, Bifidus, and L casei

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Maybe it’s an acquired taste. I know when I eat Chobani and Fago, I think they’re nasty, too. I just found, from being thrifty and not wanting to pay a lot, that the store brands seem sweeter.

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I wasn’t a fan of it at first, either. I mix it to make it soupy because I don’t like the chunky texture. If you want, you can try putting it in a blender. If done right, it becomes almost the consistency of milk and you can just quickly drink it down or even put in fruit and sugar and make a smoothie.

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Mrs Squeeky and I don’t care for it at all.

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Smoothie sounds like a great option, @dxs.

Especially from an anti-foodie. :)

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Greek yogurt is good. Especially when you blend it with cucumbers and make Tzatziki sauce.

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I’m not fond of the texture of Greek yogurt and I need to add a sizable globule of honey to plain honey in order to tolerate it. My significant other can eat them both with a ladle, but I’ll pass.

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I bought a huge container of Tzatziki sauce a while back, @flip86. Unfortunately, no gyros. We ended up sitting around eating the whole container (in settings) as dip for chips. Great stuff! Beat French Onion, hands down.

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Greek yoghurt is made from the smegma of Greeks.

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It’s different from US-style yogurt, for sure. But it certainly isn’t bad tasting. It reminds me of the other yogurt-like mixtures I had in the middle east.

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I absolutely love it. I eat it a few different ways. Either with nuts and honey. Or simply with honey and tons of cinnamon.

I also use it for potato wedges. I use dill, garlic, lemon juice and Greek yoghurt. Delish.

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I hate all yogurt including frozen yogurt.

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I think yogurt in the United States is more watery and sweeter than what yogurt is supposed to be. I think Greeks would eat ours and think it’s like a sweet milkshake, not yogurt.

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@jca 27 grams of sugar for 6 oz. That’s 1/6 sugar. 1/6 of that Yoplait cup is sugar. I wonder how much of it is actually yogurt.

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I hate it. It’s bitter and disgusting.
I don’t know anyone else that doesn’t like it.

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I like it, but my wife does not. She’s happy with regular yogurt.

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Honestly, the whole premise of yogurt is disgusting if you think about it. Beer and wine are pretty gross too.

(Mushy grape/grain pulp left sitting out until bacteria gets in, and it spoils in a controlled way that results in booze? Now the same process with _cow’s milk, until it turns into a gelatinous substance? If we tried to do this with people milk, everyone would be raising their eyebrows.)

But fuck it, I still ingest all of those things. Greek yogurt isn’t any worse than anything else.

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No, it’s nasty stuff.

Every so often ill get a wicked craving for fat free cottage cheese mixed with a box of jello (just the powder). I hate plain cottage cheese, but with a box of peach or strawberry jello mix, it’s really fucking good….looks nasty….tastes great. Sometimes ill add a can of fruit or marshmallows.

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Statistically unlikely

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It’s exactly the same as regular yogurt, just less water.

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Greek yogurt has twice the amount of protein as regular yogurt, so it’s not exactly the same as regular yogurt. According to the label, that’s 30% of the day’s protein.

When I had weight loss surgery, they suggest Greek yogurt as a way to get protein.

Sometimes, in addition to walnuts, I add blueberries or strawberries. To me, the fresh stuff is so much better than that jam-fruit they put in fruit yogurt. Plus I am paying for yogurt, not for jam.

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I love Greek yogurt. Flavored yogurts are too sweet for me, so I mix a spoonful of the sweetened Greek yogurt to a carton of plain. It’s the perfect blend for me.

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To me, Greek yogurt tastes exactly the same as regular yogurt, but it has a nicer, creamier texture that I love. I love it with fresh strawberries or mixed into a smoothie.

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The first time I tried Greek yogurt, @Kardamom, it was fairly disgusting. I don’t know the brand. The tubes I have now are just yogurt. I wasn’t cognizant of them being Greek when I bought them, or when I ate the first one.

I bought them because they were 16 for $1 clearanced and we were hungry with a 40 min. drive.

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A few weeks ago, I bought frozen Greek yogurt (in the grocery store ice cream section). Low or no fat (I forgot which), excellent flavor, less calories than ice cream and yet really good, really fresh tasting. Just the store brand, tasted similar to ice cream but not extremely sweet.

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