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Introverts, how do you react in areas with a lot of people?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34455points) February 9th, 2014

For some reason concerts have never really bothered me(I think it’s because everyone’s attention is focused toward the stage and I can tune all the other people out) but aside from that I am not a fan of large groups of people.

I wouldn’t say I get panic attacks or any type of anxiety though which seems to be common, I just get angry. Like really angry, at everything. I can be in a perfectly good mood but put me around a bunch of people and I kinda just turn into a dick until I can get away from it all. I guess in that regard I do get a bit anxious but it’s different.

I find I’m also a lot worse in confined areas with a lot of different conversations going on like a classroom before class starts or the school cafeteria. I think part of it is the sheer amount of different conversations going on at the same time is completely overwhelming to me.

I just find it interesting how dickish I get when in these situations. I’ll pick up bits and pieces of one conversation or another and can’t help but think things like “wow you’re a fucking moron.” Yes, I know, I’m being extremely judgmental but I can’t seem to help it. If I were to overhear the same conversation outside of this setting I probably wouldn’t think much of it honestly.

So, my fellow fluther introverts, how do you get when lobbed into a situation with a ton of people?

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