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Why can't the USA produce those huge prime time heavy weight championship fights anymore?

Asked by pleiades (6576points) February 9th, 2014

Or maybe there are good fights but they’re no longer hyped? Why?

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Largely down to the monopoly the Klitschco brothers have enjoyed the last few years.
Together, they handpicked primarily European fighters, the majority being substandard journeymen.
The heavyweight division has been lacking since the Tyson/Holyfield/Bowe era, certainly in the states anyway & I can’t see that changing anytime soon.

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If a society successfully insured that its people were secure in their acquisition of FDR’s four freedoms (Freedom of speech, Freedom of worship, Freedom from want and Freedom from fear), would they still need the vicarious experience of witnessing violence?

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@Bill1939 I could argue that when pain is tolerable by an athlete it becomes an art form which is ultimately part of the sport. But you probably wouldn’t agree with me anyways.

@ucme I had no idea there were major politics involved. There are a ton of amazing athletes in the USA it’s hard to believe the era of heavy weight boxing has completely flushed down the drain. I was probably a 5th grader during the 1997 Tyson/Holyfield fight

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@pleiades Too many governing bodies, up to four different belts to fight for, makes for political infighting between the rival camps, arguing over purse & mandatory defences muddy the waters further.

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Because all the good fighters have crossed over into MMA.

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@pleiades, I agree that working through pain is an art. For the athlete it is a contest between the body’s will and the mind’s will. For the audience, however, the risk of injury or death seems to be a major attraction. I suggest that a reason some people seek the vicarious experience of witnessing violence comes from the frustrations they experience in their daily life.

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