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Is anyone else having security issues with Yahoo today/lately?

Asked by Jonesn4burgers (7191points) February 10th, 2014

I can’t get to my email. Is this a problem other people are having, or just me?

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Nope worked just fine for me.

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My yahoo mail is working. I changed my password a week or two ago when they spoke of a “third party” security breach.

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I have had other issues with Yahoo when using Firefox that I don’t have when I open in IE.

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I heard that if you make an error with your password, it removes/ed your and password, and says “This ID is available.” instead of the usual “incorrect password or username”. And you panic, but if try again with the correct password no problem.

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When I click on mail it says security certificate is expired. I can’t get into anything to find out WTF. It has an option to go in agaist recommendations, which I did a couple of times to see if I had any emails which needed to be tended to. Actually I think a relative may have tried to poke into it. When I got in, I couldn’t find any options for changing my password or anything which could fix the problem. I will try firefox, I guess, but I have troubles with it where I am now. I’m in a storm front, so lots of things are being shakey.
Thanks for all the input jellies.

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