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Will "Flappy Birds" downloads now become collectible?

Asked by Strauss (20292points) February 10th, 2014

As you may or may not have heard, the developer of Flappy Bird has pulled the game from the app stores. According to this article, the game has “over 47,000 reviews and almost a half a million ratings”. CNN has also reported that devices with the preloaded app have appeared on E-Bay and other sales sites. If I save my download to sn SD card and put it away for a few years, could it possibly provide for a better retirement??

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Probably not, be all forgotten in a few months.
I’m keeping mine, want to try & beat my daughter’s score, she’s on 168, i’m on 153.

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Update: I reached 192, but my daughter shot it outta the park with 255.

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Egh, fuck that game. Apps that rip off other games come and go, this one will be forgotten soon enough as well.

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No. It’s showing up on eBay now purely because of hype. In a few months (or even weeks) from now no one will care about it.

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