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Advice on how to reduce points/violation in court for a NYS cell phone ticket?

Asked by Bill_Lumbergh (1468points) February 10th, 2014

My wife received a NYS violation (ticket) for using a cell phone while driving a few months back. She pleaded “not guilty” during her first appearance, and they gave her a follow-up court date. We are desperately trying to find a way to reduce the points/violation of this ticket, as it carries a 5-point increase (New York) to her license! We would prefer not to hire legal counsel for traffic court, as I’m sure the lawyer’s fee would greatly exceed the fine for this violation. I am looking for serious advice for my wife on what she can possibly do to reduce the points/violation during her court date.

Additional info: She already has 8 points on her license, but took a defensive driving course over the holidays to reduce the points. She’s not originally from New York, moved to NY four years ago, and lived in a state that allowed the use of cell phones while driving. Recently purchased a wireless Bluetooth headset, to use while driving in NY – she plans to bring it to court to show she is now using it.

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