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Would we have less confusion and arguments if we have to pay for our verbal words?

Asked by mazingerz88 (20298points) February 10th, 2014

Say we need to pay 1 cent for uttering a word or for the bargain price of 10 cents we can speak a hundred words…in theory would we have less misunderstanding and fights-?

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So the people with the most money will be able to talk the most. And this is different how?

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I don’t pay for my words.

I charge for them.

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James Joyce once said, “Write as if each word cost you a shilling.” I think my Ex spoke that way but it wasn’t helpful.

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That kind of goes counter to fostering communication. The biggest misunderstandings in relationships come from people reluctant to say what needs to be said, not by biting their tongues.

As my mom used to pray, “make my words sweet, for tomorrow I may have to eat them.”

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I know this question is just for fun. And @Kropotkin nailed it.

But as an introvert whose energy level takes a direct hit at every word of nonsense or small talk I hear, it’s an interesting idea to think of what shifting the cost to the speaker would do. If my neighbor at the bus stop had to pay for her vapid shitstorm of words that is perpetually coming from her mouth, would she be forced to pause and make the words count?

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@Kropotkin Yes, but why assume that rich people would automatically wanna talk more-? So your answer is no then-?

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@mazingerz88 I didn’t say that they necessarily want to. I said that they’d be able to.

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