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I am wanting to work from home on my computer. Data entry, online surveys etc. Can anyone tell me from experience which sites are legit and how much money I can make?

Asked by amanda6252 (3points) June 30th, 2008

I am sceptical and dont want to invest money into scams.

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I keep hearing from people who buy work units of Mechanical Turk that it works well for them. I’ve never heard from anyone who does work on here mind you. As far as I know, each type of work is priced differently. Amazon is likely not going to scam you either. :)

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Can you actually make decent money of that? I was looking at it and it seemed most of them were just a few pennies

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@rockstar, like I said, I don’t know much about the work end of it but I do know that the prices for jobs vary and are set by the supplier of the work so you probably need to hunt around.

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I know a couple of MTurkers. The money isn’t substantial.

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I looked over the MTurker website… why would anyone want to do any kind of work for $0.12, etc? Who is doing this kind of work?

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There are a couple MTurkers working for Askville (another Q/A site). Most of them don’t do it for the money necessarily. They are a part of that community and get paid very little for asking/answering questions. It’s like if you were paid for fluthering, you would do it either way but if you had the option to get paid a cent/answer, wouldn’t you take it? (following the philosophy – something is better than nothing)

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just go here. it’s a website i made for school. everything you need to know about online surveys and links to what i use

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Cheers. I will check that out.

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