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Would you be willing to strike, I mean a general strike, shut everything down, if Bush bombs Iran?

Asked by SquirrelEStuff (9162points) June 30th, 2008

I think it could possibly be the only thing that will stop them. Why is this guy still in office and people have to stop saying its too late to impeach him. He must be taken out of office now.

Also, go to and just take a look at where this article is placed on the main page.

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You mean stop working, stop providing for my family?

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Well if I remember correctly, CNN was pretty much the US government’s mouth-piece in the lead up to the Iraq war so the fact that they’re reporting this I suppose does not bode well. However, the article is about a criticism of these actions so I guess that is somewhat positive. As for the placement on the main page, I saw it just off on the side.

I don’t live in the US but I suppose I would only go on strike if I worked directly for a company involved in the war machine. Of course, I would never work at such a place so I likely wouldn’t go on a general strike (also mostly because my job isn’t critical to the functioning of society so nobody would notice).

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NO. Who is going to pay my mortgage? My car payment?

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I do agree with you about Bush. He is turning the U.S. into the redheaded step child of the world. We can not go bullying around everybody. Some day everyone we bully up on will get together and get retribution.

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Pre-election partisan hatred and vitriol never fails to disgust me.

It is interesting to me that those most opposed to the military actions of ANY administration:

a. Have never been deployed in a military capacity, and-

b. Have not fully researched the issues involved, beyond a cursory scan of partisan invective.

Stop parroting the party line, and start thinking for yourselves. Hatred makes me sick.

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Waiting until he drops a nuke on Iran will be a little late for 10,000+ innocent people.
Protesting now might save them. Again, I ask why can’t Americans see him for the mad man he is?

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You are wrong in every assumption you made with the exception of being deployed. I believe a military is to protect any threats to our freedom. Nothing about this war, besides the loss of freedom from OUR government, is about a threat to the freedoms.

What party line am I parroting? And what the hell are you talking about when you say hatred?

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I’ve been advocating a general strike for years. But this is for the workers to get some of the rights and benefits afforded to many in other developed nations. The French did it and they got results.
I don’t know if a work stoppage is going keep King George from acting though. Impeachment was put in the constitution for a reason. It’s time to stop bullshitting and get the ball rolling on this. I don’t care if the man is leaving office next January. During impeachment proceedings he is barred from giving clemacy. Then we can nail all the bastards who have stolen what was once the greatest country on Earth from us and build on what little soft power we have left.

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Freaking politics…


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@chris… Why can’t we all just get along?
No doubt your personal politics played no role in the crafting of your question.
I, as a political moderate, always fully research each issue involved. Then I make an informed decision. If the issue is amorphous enough, I will base my decision on a fully informed opinion. A theory, if you will.

Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks, I guess. That’s the beauty of a free country.

“Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please: facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable…”
Mark Twain

@AC- Nice Nye reference.

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Im not really sure what you are talking about.
I wanna get along with everyone. That is my point. Just because people are in a different country, doesnt mean we can bomb the piss out of them because they arent doing what we want them to.

I have been fully researching this war for quite sometime, so Im not really sure where are getting these assumptions from.

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I will have to do something if he has the nerve to attack Iran. I devoutly hope that he does not dare. His approval ratings are not where they are by accident. What are some constructive things we could do to prevent any action?

What if we all contacted our Congressional Reps. and Senators asking for a law interdicting any military action in Iran for the remainder of the term without Congressional approval?

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Not at all. If I could afford to go on strike whenever I pleased I’d do it just because.

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Is that what all you union guys ever do? Have strikes? Start strikes?

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Thais funny Buster. Its actually illegal for my union to strike and the members of my union, while very well paid, are losing many freedoms and protections we have had, due to ignorance of our “leaders,” just like Americans.

I think the only way to stop them is to become energy and food independent and stop providing them with funds from income and sales tax. Our government is way too big and if we don’t stop it now, we will also become the enemy.

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American foreign policy sucks, most of the world hate us for our policing attitude in the name of “Democracy” when in fact what our leaders want are economic, military and political interests. Do we support Democratic governments in Latin America? on the surface yes, but in reality they are military machines that cause more human rights violations than Iran has caused so far. I am not justifying Iran’s aims to obtain a Nuke, but why did we let Iran’s neighbors acquire nukes in the first place? Once a country has them, everybody wants them. On the other hand, not everything is solved by military action and certainly not in this case. What did we solve by invading Iraq? Did we ever find WMD? No. Our current leaders are too arrogant to pursue diplomatic efforts to solve this conflict. We barely got the support of the European community when we invaded Iraq; we are not gonna get it this time to invade Iran. We simply can’t afford a long war that doesn’t represent the American sentiment to go to war for speculative reasons. Our external debt will double with another long war, our Dollar will succumb to the lowest levels, inflation will kill us. DO WE WANT THIS WAR? I DON“T THINK SO

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I don’t believe a strike is the right answer. I think people actually becoming involved and voting would be more productive. The only reason he is our President is because of rampant apathy with politics.

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I am ready to join the revolution today, why wait for Bush to create another disaster my kids have to pay for…..who said, “from time to time the tree of liberty must be cleansed by the blood of patriots…..”

I fear the patriots are playing playstation and watching American Idol.

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@allengreen: Thomas Jefferson. I think it was “refreshed” rather than “cleansed”.

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where is John Rambo when we need him….

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The sad truth is that the Average American has no knowledge of world events, or of politics in general. A Rand Institute study found that 30% of Americans are as such, they would not recognize the basic incongruity of voting for a tax decrease while also voting for an increase in spending. They are political know-nothings. That’s a whopping third of our population, a very large voting bloc indeed. How would they know the subtleties of the situation in the Middle East, which has been going on for hundreds—thousands—of years? WMDs! Yeah, that’s the only reason for being there, meh… That’s the soundbite that got attached to Bush, but so much more was at play there. I’m not asking anyone to support the war, just to spend some time researching the situation on their own, not relying on what Fox News/MSNBC tells them. At least then the debate would be more engaging, productive, and frankly, honest then what I see on these kinds of message boards.

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@thegod: I’m with you. Seems like most of the political (master) debators do the minimum of research, and disregard all else for the sake of making a narrow-minded point.
Well put.

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@Knotmyday you assume much with no real back up proof, perhaps you should research before making statements, I would strike but I am unemployed at the moment.

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