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Music membership accounts that I can download unlimited music?

Asked by Daisygirl (377points) February 11th, 2014

I just recently bought an MP3 player for my mom and told her to tell me some music to put on it for her. I get my music by borrowing friends CDs or buying CDs from a garage sale or Goodwill but I’ve been thinking about joining a membership music service since she’s decided she wants about 50 gigs of music. My question is” is there a music membership service that I can pay X amount of money a month, download unlimited songs and put them on a non-wifi MP3 player? Most of the sites I’ve looked at want me to have a device it can stream to and be hooked into the internet in order to have music.

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I’m not aware of any. This is part of the reason why piracy is so rampant. The music industry seems absolutely hell bent against going with what the music buying public actually wants.

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Amazon has “mp3 samples” for different genre of music. They are complete songs free to download.

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No, for reasons @Darth_Algar gave. If you are looking for sites that offer occasional sample or full-album downloads for free, check out Daytrotter or Paper Bag Records. There are a bunch of sites like this, that offer free downloads to promote new and upcoming bands. But you’re not going to find “top 40” genre cds for legal downloading anywhere.

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The real hurdle here is thinking your mom can give you a list. Most likely for any sort of service that offers what you want they aren’t going to have anything she is interested in. I used to use and it was like ten bucks a month for all the downloads I could handle. Luckily I was into the music they had at the time. Over a few years I got around 8K songs from them as MP3’s. Now they are 15 a month for 25 song downloads.

What you want doesn’t exist in any legal form in the United States that I know of. Around a decade ago there was a Russian site that came close but they are in jail now.

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The only deal I know of like that is through Zune. I don’t know exact details, but my boyfriend uses it. I think he said he pays $10 a month for unlimited downloads.

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It’s a shame they don’t allow people to pay for that kind of service, I wouldn’t mind paying up to $20 a month or sign up for a 2 year contract or something. I’ll check into Zune then, thanks everyone!

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