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Does Bill Maher have any connection with the following celebrities?

Asked by flo (10480points) February 11th, 2014

They are all dead. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Cory Monteith, Heath Ledger, I forgot the rest. There is supposed to be a connection between them and Bill Maher. I don’t know if it is just Bill Maher. I tried to google it and I came up with nothing.
Edited to add: By the way I don’t think it means does he know them personally etc.

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They all lived in United States. All are famous entertainers. All are white. Maybe all have abused drugs In the past.

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It has something to do with what they died of.

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@flo Overdosed when they were on top.

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But how is it related to Bill Maher, is the question.

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@flo He openly promotes pot smoking and drug use. One day the reaper will claim him too. Hopefully not in a hotel room with a needle in his vein.

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“There is supposed to be a connection between them and Bill Maher.”

I tried to do a google search for this, and came up with nothing. What reason do you have to think there is some sort of connection? What kind of connection?

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What makes you think there is a connection? Is this a riddle that you have heard?

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Can you give us a bit more of what and where you heard this? All the people listed died of drug overdoses, but they’re not connected to each other in any other way. Bill Maher advocates for marijuana legalization but that’s a far cry from advocating heroin use.

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Maher is pretty much a weed only guy. He often goes off on alcohol being legal. I watch all his stuff and he is pretty consistent on weed is the only thing he thinks should be legal. He in no way supports heroin use. He hates cocaine too, which is odd, I figured that was the only way he could get laid.

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(Is this some sort of six degrees game?)

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^dammit, that was going to be my answer. good one.

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What does this
say? Just weed? It doesn’t seem that way.

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@flo It was a joke, a gag. Maybe not in good taste, but all an act.

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@zenvelo “excusist for all things bad.” you mean?

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No @flo. Why don’t you find any humor or enjoyment in life?

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My question was rhetorical @zenvelo.
Why not just change the subject, that might help.

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