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How can we prevent plagiarism at university level?

Asked by Johnath5 (19points) February 11th, 2014

Students are involve in copy and paste. This is too bad for their future.

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Threaten to give them a photo copied degree.

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There are tons of tools to fight this. No clue how you would prevent people from trying. I have Alta-Vistaed a few papers. I am that old.

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What’s with the obsession over plagiarism?

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Who is “we”? This isn’t my battle. It might be yours.

Remember that copy/paste is how a lot of work gets done in the corporate world. Might it be the case that “copiers” in university are simply using skills that they will need after graduation?

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One of the schools where I worked used a program called
Students submit their work through that website and it is supposed to be good at catching plagiarizing.

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