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Are you happy right now?

Asked by raven860 (2163points) February 11th, 2014

Are you feeling happy today? why or why not?

Are you happy in general? why or why not?

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I’m hungry, and it is too cold to order out… maybe I will microwave a potato. I could use more food. when I have extra food I am happy. I am listening to the radio about Nelson Mandela’s life story.

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My dentist is in Portland and it is A PIA to get there. I was supposed to hop on the bus tomorrow where I would spend a few nights with my sister. I’m not going to walk out of this in good shape. I will need a few days to recover with assistance. Luckily this was postponed to the 6th of next month. I’m not really feeling mentally prepared for the nightmare. Normally I don’t mind the dentist. But I have some serious neglect going on. This is going to be a nitrous free bloodbath and I am terrified.

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Well, I’m only answering this question right now because I’m having trouble falling asleep (which I’m not all that pleased about). But in a more general sense, yes. My life is going as well as I could hope right now. I don’t live in poverty. I am healthy. I’m on track for my degree. I just won a teaching award. I’ll be a father by the end of the year. So far, so good.

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I had some froot loops and I am happy for now… I’m going to bed.

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I’m happy when I’m away from work due to all the recent problems there. I’m happy at home too when the wife is away. (Working toward a divorce later this year)

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Sure I’m happy don’t go back to work till Friday and it looks there won’t be that much bad weather on my work week.

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Yes. I finally got my tax return and was able to catch up on bills and get my daughter some new clothes and a big stuffed dog that she loves. Her eyes lit right up with excitement when she saw it. She’s 3.

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Of course. I’ve just got a satisfying grade on my English written test. My teacher was very pleased with my result, saying I had a good writing skill.
That’s all thanks to Fluther! My time here did pay off after all.

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Right this instant, with purring, newly fed cat on lap and hot cuppa java nearby, happy I am.

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Today: Happy that my office closed today due to weather. Not happy that I have no paid time off until April, so my next paycheck will suck.

In General: Happy enough. Recently paid off on credit card and ⅓ of the other with our tax refund. Yay for getting rid of $2000 in debt! Only $2000 to go…

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I am happy today because I woke up again and that is a good thing that I cherish in that I get to live another day full of tremendous opportunity and get a hug and kiss from my wife.

I am happy overall because everyone in my family is healthy and I have achieved all but one of my goals in life and doing so has provided me with more than I ever expected or wanted in life.

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Happier today than yesterday but yesterday I was a mess.

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I am not very happy at the moment because there is too much on my mind so I can’t relax and enjoy life as much as I’d like.

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Yes, on the whole. I’m taking care of a four-months-old puppy tomorrow, looking forward to that.

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Yes I had a home made four cheese pizza, and I just ate the toppings.

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