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Do I have signs of Dyslexia?

Asked by RockerChick14 (951points) February 11th, 2014 from iPhone

I often misspell a word when I write by misplacing some letters and I often forget to add a word or I misplace a word and I forget how to spell a word that I learned years ago. Sometimes I see a word that is a different word than what is on the paper but the word is similar. Sometimes when there is a double digit number I see backwards or I hear it backwards.

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Common characteristics of adult dyslexia

I used to work with some dyslexic students when I was in the ed. business. They were all male and there were many complicated components to their learning disability. My youngest step-son is dyslexic.

Two universal traits are a chicken scratch handwriting and very slow reading comprehension. I never heard of anyone hearing numbers backwards and actually cannot imagine what that can be. 81 becomes what? “One-eighty” or “now-eetay?”

Why did you not address these issues in February of 2012 when you asked the identical question? Then you indicated that you had been aware of this as an issue since you were 6.

In Dec. of 2012 you asked about ADHD:

Why have you not gotten yourself evaluated?

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@gailcalled – why are you looking at my account to see what I asked two years ago? No I didn’t talk about Dyslexia to my doctor.

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Why not? Once you post here, all information you reveal helps the collective to give you intelligent and sensible advice and counsel.

I repeat; why have you not gotten yourself evaluated? Unless you are playing us?

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Auditory Processing Disorder is the auditory version of dyslexia, which is visual. APD is often misdiagnosed as ADD/ADHD because they manifest in similar behaviors. One of my closest friends is a female who has both dyslexia and APD, and is on the anxious/hyper side of the temperament spectrum.

If you are still in High School, talk to your Guidance Counselors about getting evaluated. If you are in college, or planning to attend college, ask about getting evaluated for special services there, as well. A Neuro-optometrist would be the specialist to see about vision and visual processing. An Audiologist would be the specialist to see about evaluation for Auditory Processing – although not all Audiologists are involved in this sub-specialty. If you are near a large university that has a large medical school or special education program, they may have services for evaluating processing skills, even if you are not enrolled as a student.

Personally, I appreciate when @gailcalled investigates a member’s history and sometimes do it myself, because it not only offers further insight into the OP’s concerns, it gives us an idea of how likely it is that the OP might follow-through with our recommendations. Since I also saw that you are around 18 years old, I thought that as an adult, you might be more inclined to independently seek help for yourself, in case you weren’t getting the support you needed from your parents as a minor when you posted those previous questions. Were it not for that, I may well have not responded at all to this question based on the history.

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