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UK Jellies: I saw some of the reporting on the flooding there. Are you near any of it?

Asked by JLeslie (61785points) February 12th, 2014

It looks just awful. I don’t know how widespread it is. What’s the real story? Is it affecting you?

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I’m in the next county along from a lot of the major flooding (I’m in Wiltshire and the county of Somerset has been very badly affected). Where I am there is plenty of road closures due to flooding but (so far) this hasn’t affected my day to day life thankfully.

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I am in South Lancashire, we don’t have any major floods here, but keep having power outages and some roads are flooded but not like in the very South of England. Winds are between 60 and 100mph apparently. A northern train station (Crewe) has had it’s roof blown off and the major train lines are shutting down. Manchester Airport I believe is closed and my Dad is currently in Italy, due to arrive home tomorrow, so a bit worried at the moment.

Major motorways have been closed as well. My fence has been blown down in the back yard, but…I got to spend an evening with my sister (because their power was out, they came to me for a take away and warmth). I kinda like dramatic weather but it has it’s serious downsides obviously. Hope everyone else in the UK stays safe and warm and don’t travel.

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I’m well north of the flooding though there was a lot of rain here today falling as snow on higher ground. We also escaped the severe winds. The south of England is being hit with the winter weather the West of Scotland usually gets. The storm tracks have been shifted south giving southern England rainfall which is unprecedented in records going back to 1766.

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I’m in west midlands but no flooding neat where I live or work. My kids’ trampoline was in the field next door when I got home last night though and my husband and I spent and interesting 15 minutes wrestling it back into our garden and weighting it down with the wheelie bin…

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I have a friend studying abroad she seems to be unaffected by it

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We are in Lancashire, just north of Manchester. The wind and rain have been worse than in the past winters, but nothing serious up here like they are experiencing down south.

What has been interesting is the blame game. In some ways, it is similar to the Hurricane Katrina debacle in the US.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I never knew there was another jelly in Lancashire!! :-O :) xx hugs!! xx

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