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Can you suggest a gift for a Navy man who is retiring and who likes to run?

Asked by JLeslie (65190points) February 12th, 2014

I’m invited to a retirement party. It’s the husband of a friend of mine, I have never met him. He is retiring from the Navy and I asked my friend what hobby or interests her husband has so I can get him a small gift and she told me he is a runner.

I don’t run, so I am looking for some ideas. It can be anything from a token gift topping out at $50. They don’t expect anything of course, but I’d like to bring something.

Aside from running, if you have a good suggestion for Naval retirement I’ll be glad to hear that also. I don’t know what he did for the Navy, so I can’t give any info about that.


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A basketball.

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A pedometer might be an idea. Let me chew on it for a bit.

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Hmm, A Camelback maybe? It’s a backpack with a large water bag in it. A lot of military people use them.

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@Blackberry Yeah, GA. Walking or running water always comes in handy.

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Drat, I had a great answer, but it’s over budget – a fitbit flex or jawbone up

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Are you asking this question seriously?
Troll answer: some money and a treadmill!
Normal answer: maybe a pair of tennis rackets will do? I hear that some elders who like running also like sport…

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@Mimishu1995 First, I am always serious with my questions. Second, why would you even doubt it was a serious question? Third, he is not elderly, he is in his early 50’s. I guess maybe to very young people that might seem old. I don’t get the connection between running and tennis.

@Blackberry I would think he already has something like that being a military guy. I almost always see them in exchanges. It’s a good idea if he doesn’t have one though. He lives in FL.

@Adirondackwannabe I thought pedometer also, or maybe a stop watch of some sort?

The problem is he probably has everything he needs or wants.

Too bad he doesn’t play golf.

Hey, what about some really nice hand towels? Does that work for any sport? Do runners carry something like that with them? Or, they just use sweat bands and things like that? Is it “girly” to have his name embroidered on them? My husband would like something like that I think.

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@JLeslie If he’s retiring golf lessons might be perfect. That opens up a whole new line of gifts.

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I would put more focus on the service he has given and find a cool monogramed hat or shirt he can proudly wear. Perhaps get him shirt that says I am retired out of the Navy and now run out of habit!

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@Cruiser I like the t-shirt idea.

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@JLeslie I’m sorry for doubting the seriousness of your question. I saw your question in the social section, so I think it may not be so serious. Also, I just want to crack a joke and hope it will make you laugh (since it is in the social section).
I didn’t know your friend is so young. In my country many military men retire when they are much older. And about the tennis suggestion, I thought it would be good because many men in my country love tennis, some of whom explain that because playing tennis require you to run a lot…
Really sorry, I’m in another country, I don’t know much about the Western culture…

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@JLeslie , if he’s a serious runner, he most likely already has a pedometer, and I like @Cruiser ‘s idea. You could celebrate the great service he’s provided his country and find something to commemorate all the years he’s served.

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I should mention he is retiring from the military, but will be looking for a job to continue working. So, I can’t get him general retirement type things that imply he will be relaxing all day long.

@Mimishu1995 No need to apologize. :)

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@JLeslie, Oh, true that. Does he have a home office? Maybe something for his desk that says “John Q. Smith, USN (Ret)”?

BTW, are you near NAS Jax, by any chance?

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Right now he might like a snow shovel.

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@laurenkem MacDill Air Force in Tampa. MacDill has multiple branches of the military working there.

I have no idea if he has a home office.

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@JLeslie Thanks for the clarification – just curious. Hope you get some great suggestions for a gift for your friend!

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I’m a navy vet. I didn’t stay in long enough to retire, but I knew a few. It would make a difference whether he was officer, or enlisted. If his rank had “chief” in it, he was enlisted. Every man I knew who retired from the Navy would have been happy with a keg, or for officers, a really good brandy. I’m the only sailer I have ever known who never took up drinking coffee, and sailors can really be deadly if their coffee is messed with. You might see if his wife can tell you whether there are any special blends he likes, or get him a sampler, with a cup to go along that says “Old Salt, New Joe” or some such thing. Calling a retired sailor a “Salt”, or “Salty” is actually a sort of endearment.

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Model ships of some significance in history. Like a model ship that Washington first bought with his own money. Or a model of a carrier from WWll.

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iPod Shuffle. They are awesome for running and barely under 50 bucks. And if you want to get all military romantic a jeweler will engrave one for you for a few bucks.

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Some spoilt vietnamese food and 100m to the next bathroom.

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@johnpowell Apple will engrave it for free!

(Think this is a great idea…)

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I think Whiskey Rocks are so, so cool. It was the first thing I thought of when I read the question.

Maybe a bar theme? I don’t drink alcohol, so I can’t be of further help there… but rocks and something else for a bar might be fitting.

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