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Anyone want to complain about the Harry Potter movies' inaccuracies?

Asked by Lunar_Landscape (301points) February 13th, 2014

I don’t need answers like “books and movies are two different mediums”, “the movies have positive qualities too”, and “it’s all subjective”, because I know all that already. I just want to hear others list their grievances, without the discussion becoming about how complaining gets us nowhere. It’d be a relief, because as much value as being unbiased and objective has, I’ve just had enough of it when it comes to Harry Potter at the moment.

I’m not asking you to be mean about the movies, just not so diplomatic. I’ll assume you’re thinking “it’s all subjective”, “they’re different mediums”, and stuff like that, so you won’t have to say those things, and can just focus on what your criticisms are.

PS: I’m not fixating on the negative, I’m just unhappy with the loss of so much positive.

PPS: Responses would be more meaningful to me if they addressed each movie individually, instead of summing up the things wrong with the whole series all at once. They’d also be more meaningful if you’d write what your criticisms are even if another user already has.

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