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Who are you comfortable with seeing you naked?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) February 13th, 2014

Are you comfortable with your S/O seeing you in your birthday suit? Your family? The same-sex people at your gym? Maybe you’re an exhibitionist and don’t mind anyone (of age) seeing your bare tush?

Has that changed over the course of your adult life? When and why?

I have to say pretty much no one. I’ve never been confident of my looks and puffed up a bit after 50, so I’d just as soon be clothed, alone, or in the dark.

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I’m really comfortable in my skin. I get out of bed every morning, ditch the boxers or briefs and head to the shower. If she wants to look good for her.

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The only people I would be uncomfortable being naked in front of is my in-laws, co workers and the check out clerks at the grocery store….where would I keep my wallet and keys?

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No one. Even with my husband, it’s never with the lights on. He’s sort of the same way. It’s a rare treat when I get to see his cute tush. His problem is that he doesn’t want me to see his penis when it’s soft (silly boy). If he’s aroused, I can see him naked all I want. Not the case with me. I’m very self-conscious and not entirely happy with my body. Knowing he finds me attractive doesn’t calm my insecurities. We have sex naked, of course, but only after turning off all the lights in the city.

I’m young. I’m hoping that’ll change with time. I know it’s stupid.

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No one.

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No one…not even a doctor.

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My wife (‘natch)
My doctor (it’s his job)
You (for a price)

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@chyna @livelaughlove21 Just relax. We love the female form. It’s a bit of a challenge sometimes to get you ladies to relax and except we love everything about you, but believe me, a real man loves a woman’s body. All of it. Every single inch.

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When I was younger, my wife and I had naked staycations, but other than that I would say no one.
Even in my younger, cuter, thinner days when women always commented on my magnificent ass.

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It’s immaterial to me who sees. I know that I’m 50+ and way past my prime. I am what I am; not ashamed at all. It just doesn’t matter to me if I am seen.

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I’m not an exhibitionist by any means, but I’m not particularly modest. Like, I’m not about to post nude photos on the internet, but I don’t think it’s the end of the world if someone walks in on me taking a shower.

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I don’t care much. Mine is a long story…

I was molested as a child, so I had a lot of body image issues. I was very timid and shy sexually, and had a lot of shame tied up in nudity. Even through my first marriage and the rebound relationship after, I had a lot of hangups and inhibitions.

My next relationship was a “friends with benefits” arrangement. The rebound debacle had made me realize that I had issues to work through, and probably would be better off not in a serious relationship. In my case, having sex with no strings attached, but in the safety of a monogamous, respectful friendship was very liberating. I was free to enjoy myself and not be worried about impressing him or pleasing him – I allowed myself to be selfish and assertive in the bedroom.

Out of the bedroom, I had been given a gift certificate for a spa day while I was still married. I didn’t work up the nerve to use it for nearly a year. I convinced myself that these are professionals who have likely seen older, pastier and fatter bodies than mine. I decided to play it off like I had had dozens of spa days before. This allowed me to actually relax and enjoy the experience.

I also made a point not to act ashamed of my body in front of my son – I didn’t walk around naked, but I did in a bra and underwear (which offer more coverage than most bikinis) so that he would not have hangups or unreasonable expectations of what a real woman’s body looks like.

Also during this time, the song “Naked Eye” by Luscious Jackson came out, which had the line “Naked is a state of mind.” which got me thinking a bout being genuine and authentic in all aspects of my life. I worked on being comfortable with who I am with and without clothing, in any scenario – because my sense of shame was very deep and affected every aspect of my existence.

These things all happened through my 30s, so by the time I reached my 40s, I had developed a comfort in my own skin that defies my blubber and my social awkwardness. I do respect that most people would not find me in any way attractive when I’m naked, so I don’t ‘let it all hang out’ in the summer or in the gym locker room; but with my Love, or with professionals, I am fine with being naked.

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I am pretty comfortable naked around any woman I am dating. It’s not that I’ll hang out naked all day, but if we’re in bed I’ll go make coffee or tea for us without putting clothes on.

I’ve been with some women who are strictly lights off when they are naked, not at all comfortable, but waking up with them and showing how much I enjoy seeing their bodies tends to ease the discomfort, at least for a little while.

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I don’t even like to look at myself in a full mirror.

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I shop for my blindfolds at the same place as @Pachy.

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Woah, all these sexy questions for Valentine’s Day… I hope everyone enjoys themselves!

Me, naked. Well, we were born that way. Totally a context situation.
Massage table, doctor’s office, any woman at the gym in worse shape than me, anyone at Burning Man, and anyone I wanna see naked.

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No human has seen me naked in about 5 years now.
I used to go naked around my deck and hot tub all the time at night, the only eyes on me were the neigh-bors, a horse, 2 mules and 3 sheep.
I didn’t cause a stampede but I miss my bod from 10 years ago, a lot.

At 44 I was told I still had the ass of a 20 yr. old, at 54 now nobody has reevaluated my ass in quite some time. lol

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Whoever I’m dating. I’m totally fine with hanging out naked in the house with them, drinking wine, watching TV, whatever. With same-sex friends, we’re ok with bra/ t-shirt and underwear in the same sort of scenarios. Like, we might try on clothes in the same fitting room or whatever. Underwear and a t-shirt or camisole are basically jammies.

It all depends on my comfort level with the person. Like, if we wouldn’t talk deeply about our personal lives, I wouldn’t want to be undressed around them. Not because I’m ~uncomfortable with my body, but because we’re not emotionally close enough to see each other in that context. There’s a reason we dress professionally for work, and casually in our personal lives. You want to look polished and capable in front of general audiences, but it’s ok to let the guard down around people who care about you.

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@Mimishu1995 how comfortable are you with your mirror? Do you dance in front of it, etc? Just curious. I did not list my mirror as someone I am comfortable being naked in front of. It’s easier to remember yourself beautiful naked than to confirm you may be half blind instead.

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At this one, not even myself.
Ten years ago I was comfortable enough to post pictures to a popular website of me naked.
30 pounds and ten years of aging make a huge difference.

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@GloPro At least I look sexy naked in front of the mirror :)

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@Mimishu1995 hooray for you. I look spectacular in my mind

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As @Seek_Kolinahr said, I am not an exhibitionist and as noted by @elbanditoroso I am over 50 and way past whatever prime I ever had but I am comfortable in my own skin. Yeah, I wish I was 20 lbs lighter but who doesn’t.
When my kids were younger, no big deal but now that they are adults, it could cause a few raised eyebrows, not from me but from them.
I still skinnydip and enjoy the hottub and sauna sans accoutrements.
I enjoy seeing people (particularly women) unclothed regardless of their age (@anniereborn sounds interesting) but I do not necessarily get any kind of sexual stimulation out of it.

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No one, fuck that.

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I draw a very distinct line with my daughter & my mother, that shit would be just fucking weird.

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It depends on my mood and my body at the time. I have blah! days and I have ‘wow, you’re Okay’ days. When I feel blah I hate being looked at. Mostly I don’t care though it’s no big deal at all.

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I would be automatically suspicious of anyone who wanted to see me naked. I’m not as svelte as I once almost was. On the other hand, suspicions or not, I don’t much care. I try to avoid walking in front of the picture window in my living room while en déshabillé (primarily for legal reasons, and because I don’t want to shock or alarm the neighbors), but otherwise I’m not too self-conscious.

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My husband, my toddler and any hospital staff who are in my room when I give birth or take care of me postpartum.

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Great posts, Happy Valentine’s Day!

I just want yous guys to know…

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I’d like to find a rich man that is semi-impotent. That will make love to my mind and tickle my funny bone, as I would tickle his. lol

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Anyone willing to pay an acceptable fee.

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Anyone really. My boyfriend can see me naked whenever he wants but, with anyone else, while I don’t flaunt it, if I need to get changed in front of them or have a shower, in a changing room for example, I am happy to strip off and get on with it. I’m not shy in that sense.

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