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Why are doctors so special?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) February 13th, 2014

Is it because they are professional, or have 7 or more years of grueling university.

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I think part of the answer may be in some cases they hold our lives in their hands. When we have a life-threatening disease, we desperately need their expert help.

I have met doctors who should be living saints, and I have met doctors who should be classed as the devil incarnate. We cannot generalize about them. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they have the entire spectrum of demeanors. I will admit that as a group they are generally respected, and I think it harkens to what I said first.

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I work with doctors. Trust me, they are not any different from anyone else. They have their issues, their insecurities, their neediness. Some are really nice, some aren’t. Just like everyone else.

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They sell a service that everybody needs, but very few are disciplined, dedicated or smart enough to learn.

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Doctors have pulled me through some fairly tough situations, which is special enough for me. I prefer entrusting my health to medical professionals than, say, used car salesmen or pizza delivery guys. (No offense intended to any used car salesjellies or pizza deliveryjellies.)

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I’d like to know what you mean by “special” as that is a relative term.

It does take a particular personality type and level of intellect to be driven to get through the schooling and the residency. Their responsibility is a high as it gets – life and death – not everyone is programmed to handle that kind of stress.

In addition to their clinical work, many in the US used to run their own practices and had to handle a lot of business administration duties and decisions, as well. Nowadays, it is more common for them to have administrative affiliations with health care systems, or they group together to create a corporate entity, which frees them up to focus more on the clinical side of the practice.

Beyond that, like @chyna says, they are human, and have their own issues. For a large percentage, they do have high-esteem for themselves, because they’re smart and have major responsibilities. Some handle it well and are able to remain down-to-earth, while others are arrogant pricks who could use a lesson in humility.

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Some doctors are just greedy fucking bitches. They only care about money and I can only assume cheated their way through med school because I find it very hard to believe they passed any other way.

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Doctors have saved the lives of my mother, father, and brother, and sister in law. I think that makes them pretty special in my mind. All of these doctors seemed to have had a calling to the profession, thank goodness.

My father had a deteriorated heart valve, my mother has had multiple un-diagnosed allergy like symptoms which have cause life threatening situations, my brother had a congenital heart problem (which wasn’t diagnosed until he was 51, a very rare and serious condition) and my sister in law had an ectopic pregnancy when she was 100 miles away from a hospital. She had to be life-flighted to a hospital where a doctor saved her life.

A pizza man could not have saved any of them. Nice as the pizza men may have been.

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Each of them is issued a 9” penis upon graduation from medical school.

They don’t use it however, they just keep it in the main drawer of their desk and take it out and play with it a couple of times a week.

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Some are so special that they’re considered….

….... wait for it….....


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Well they help you out when you’re sick. And if they don’t know what they’re doing or just wanting to sell medication well…who you gonna call anyways, Ghostbusters?

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Witch doctors are special?

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@ucme who do you voodoo bitch lol

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@Symbeline I just felt a prick in my arse :(

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@ucme Better go seek yo doctor yo. :p

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Seek? She’s not my doctor :)

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I don’t find Doctors special in any sense of the word. They are specially overpaid though.

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My proctologist is special because he has small hands

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They can likely save your life.
Good enough for me.

Disclaimer: Living in Boston is kind of an embarrassment of riches when it comes to hospitals and doctors. With a little research, it’s pretty easy to find fabulous doctors. We’ve been very lucky.

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