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Website to find people with similar interests?

Asked by Questionsaboutstuff (265points) February 14th, 2014

I want to find a website where I can find people with similar interests but here’s the big difference, I dont want a site where I say like lets say cycling and then there is a group who all talk about bikes, I want to list my interest and stumble upon people who seem to like a lot of similar things I do.

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Stumble on? Could you clarify?

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Well, they would show you groups of people like you maybe show update they have done, blogs they’ve written, videos they’ve liked

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How can you define “people like you” without listing some parameters?

If you wany bikers who write blogs, watch movies about biking and can read minds, then you have to indicate that in some fashion.

I have no idea what “update they have done” means. Update about what?

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I would write a list of things I like to find people like me.

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Like facebook updates

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What’s your description of “people like me”?

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It’s just a list of things I like

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That is an interesting idea. You want to list your hobbies, interests, likes, etc and be matched up with others with a similar score. That is a tough one. Certainly dating sites do that now but that is not what you want. (I think.)
I’d go to a site that matches your greatest interest and start from there. perhaps?

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Meetup is good place, you never know! Worth a try. Back in FL I found some cool people to play music with.

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I already use reddit to do that, what is ok

My friends we dont just have one common interest, it would be a pretty bad friendship if we only liked one thing, me and my friends share many common interests

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Go to Pintrest and type in your hobby or interest and you will find a LOT of people who share that same hobby or interest. You then “pin” your interests on your page and then people who share that same hobby or interest find you!

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Someone I work with was on a site where there are various groups you can find in your area, with your interests. Was it meetup? I am not sure. Will find out.

Also, if you go to Facebook and type in your interest in the search bar, various groups for that topic will come up and you can join them.

I know that’s not exactly what you want, but it’s a start.

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How about Google Plus? You can create circles of people with similar interests.

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If you ask me, this is about the only thing Facebook is good for. is another option.

Can’t vouch for how useful it is, but this is an app that purports to look at your contacts and interests on different social networks and find people relevant to you.

hearkat's avatar was the first site that came to mind when I read this Question.

The Communities on Google+ and Pages and Groups on Facebook can also help. I’ve never used Pinterest, but from what I’ve seen second-hand, that seems like a decent option, too – I’m just not sure how diverse the different interests are, as I mostly see cooking and craft posts being shared.

To ‘stumble upon’ random posts based on your interests, you may want to search by hashtags – they originated on Twitter, but Instagram, Facebook, and Google+ also use them. To use your example of #cycling, here’s the Instagram feed for that hashtag:; Here’s the Google+ feed for that hashtag: Many posts will use multiple hashtags, and I often explore going from one hashtag to another.

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@hearkat I thought of meetup too but it doesn’t sound like the OP is necessarily really interested in meeting the people.

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@janbb – Several others had also mentioned it, so I just mentioned that it was the first thing to pop in my mind upon reading the Question title; but then went on to say that exploring hashtags on social sites seems more like what the OP is looking for.

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No problem, wasn’t being critical. I GA’d your answer; guess I was just justifying mine. :-)

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