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It's Valentine's Day, what would be the most special thing your S/O could do for you?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36528points) February 14th, 2014

Just fishing for a few ideas. I always like input on what we can do for our special peeps in our life. Any ideas of what you would like. Anything goes.

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Propose or if already married, recommit. Or at least make a speech, tell me why they are committed to me and us. That says to me that I’m still their valentine. Other than that, cook dinner, cook breakfast or take me away for a special day without interruption. Where ‘we’ are the most important people on the planet and nothing else matters.

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Write me a poem.
Make me a playlist/mixtape.
Make dinner.

We don’t have extra money, have a toddler and a teenager, and I am largely pregnant and very uncomfortable. I have contractions when I stand up. All I really want is to sleep at night and wake up feeling refreshed. I think I’ll have to wait a few years for that.

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Where is the NSFW tag?

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I have always considered Valentines Day to be a day for the ladies in my life and don’t expect anything super special. I am quite content with the card she gives me every year and reading her words of appreciation and love. We met 23 years ago six days before Valentines day and I have 21 cards from her in my dresser and look forward to the 22nd card I will get when I get home from work. I will giver her the card I have, a nice bouquet of flowers, I will make her a very special dinner and we will share the evening together. I do have a special gift I made that I will surprise her with.

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I have never been able to decide, and this year isn’t one bit different. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Vagina ping-pong.
Makes me laugh like that ^^^

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Stick to our agreement of ignoring Valentine’s Day.

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Acknowledge it. Same with my birthday. :/

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The wife and I don’t bother with Valentine’s Day. To us it has about as much meaning as any other ordinary day.

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Well, we’re both working today. Probably won’t see each other until midnight. That’s ok, we don’t really bother with the hallmark holidays. We try to put time aside for the two of us on our anniversary and birthdays. A bit of leisurely loving with extended foreplay would be great.

@Cupcake Gosh, I remember those days. The best gift was back and foot rubs.

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Thanks for all your ideas. I was thinking flowers, but that should just be the start. A nice meal she doesn’t cook, a nice evening, and a foot rub sounds good. We’ll see where it goes from there.:)

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I just want them to wake up and drive here already. Nothing else. Our plan is stay home, cook dinner, bake cookies to have with hot chocolate, and possibly watch a movie. Valentine’s Day was never a big day for us and since we’re saving up to move, we haven’t been exchanging gifts at all this year.

..while I attempt to finish this goddamn writing deadline.

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My husband usually completely ignores all events, including my birthday. Lucky for him I don’t really care. But he’s been out of town all week. This morning he called, told me to go look in a box that’s on one of the dressers in the room. He had gotten me a card! This means he had to plan in advance!!!! Unreal!
The care reads:
My Wife
the one who sees
the best in me,
the worst in me,
loves the soul
inside of me,
and makes
a happy man of me.

Of course I had to text him a correction. The text was “I don’t over look the worst in you and you know it!!” :D LOL!

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The most I’d want is a date night – dinner out and a movie. All I really expect is a “Happy Valentine’s Day” text. It’s just another day, but it’s nice to acknowledge it. I still haven’t gotten that text, by the way. Someone’s in trouble…

This week E.L.F. (a makeup website) had a 50% off sale, so I purchased $35 worth of stuff (28 products, woohoo!). On the same day, Josh told me he wanted to buy a bigger blender so he could start adding stuff to his protein shakes. We decided that his V-Day gift to me was the makeup and mine to him was the blender. It’s all trivial, of course, because it’s coming out of the same account. He’s grilling burgers and I’m baking french fries tonight and tomorrow night we’ll probably have dinner at a cheap restaurant. Just a regular weekend. We don’t feel like spending $150 on dinner and a movie this year.

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Be there with me as emotional support when I visit my mom in the nursing home.

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So hard…been there @anniereborn. My thoughts with you.

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Well… I have gotten two emails since my response that are causing me to edit.

(1) There are last minute discount tickets to Sister Act, the musical. So I asked hubby to put our names in the drawing from 6–6:30pm. If we get drawn, we’ll see that tonight while my sister babysits the toddler.

(2) Just found out House of Cards season 2 is out on Netflix. If we don’t go out, we’ll probably vacuum and wash dishes quickly (because he knows I can’t relax until some weekend cleaning has been done) and then eat chocolate-covered strawberries while we watch multiple episodes.

Here are the things I will appreciate about my husband today:
1. He knows I am large and uncomfortable. He will make dinner and take care of the little one.
2. He will stand in line for a half an hour to see if we can get discount tickets to a show I’d enjoy.
3. He will wash the dishes and pick up the living room because he knows that acts of service are my love language, and that I won’t really relax until some picking up/cleaning has been done.
4. He won’t give me flowers and chocolate because I asked him not to.
5. As much as he would love to go out to eat tonight, he will stay home and eat some inexpensive pasta with me and the kids.
6. He will tell me many times how much he loves me, and he will fully mean it each time.
7. He will shower today. I just know he will. Please shower today.

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He came home. He stayed at a hotel near the office the last two nights because of the weather. He said he thought about sending flowers, but he knows I think they’re wasteful – what a thoughtful guy. <3

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Yeah, my husband knows that I feel spending money on flowers is so wasteful too. :)

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Have him show me with a card or even a text saying he appreciates me and that I’m special. Sharing a poem, a love note, dinner together. @Cupcake. I like the idea of the music tape. That’s nice. I like flowers, but I hate for him to spend that amount on Valentine’s Day. Maybe a boquet before or after the day would be nice. I got a card for my boyfriend that was loving. I wanted to have dinner together and relax for the evening with a back massage for him. He works very hard and is exhausted most nights. Maybe tell each other why we are together. A little sentimental, I know but I think its important to share why you are still together. Life is so super busy that I think we all forget to show we care at times. It just becomes the thought in your mind that your S/O should automatically know. I always try to express myself because you never know when your time is up. I would hate for anyone I love to die wondering if I loved them. Why can’t we just show the love on a daily basis?

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Come the hell home! He was supposed to be home at about 1 a.m. this morning but due to flight delays he’s still not home. It’s 10:45.

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We got last minute tickets to Sister Act last night, so we didn’t have time to do arts-and-crafts with the little one for V-day. So today we made homemade watercolors (with water and food coloring in mini-muffin tins) and colored cards over where I had written “Happy Valentine’s Day! <3” in white crayon. Hubby took pictures and will make a photo collage.

That’s far more of a keepsake for me than a store-bought card and overpriced roses. :) Lovely night last night and family fun morning today.

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