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What do a lot of people care about that you don't understand (see details)?

Asked by livelaughlove21 (15608points) February 14th, 2014

Wow, that wording is confusing. What I mean is this:

Is there anything that you see a lot of people caring really passionately about and you just don’t get why? Do people talk about this topic a lot and it has you wanting to scream, “Who cares?! It doesn’t even matter!”

And I don’t mean that you feel strongly about an opposing viewpoint. You may not understand why some people think abortion is okay when it so obviously is not (ahem, sarcasm), but that’s not what this question is about. If you don’t give a hoot about abortion either way and don’t get why people care, that would fit nicely here.

Of course, we all know that everyone feels strongly about different things and they have a right to feel that way, but this is just for fun, so let it out!

Inspired by this question.

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The Royal Family and gluten free diets.

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The Jersey Shore cast.
Singing reality shows like American Idol.
Legalizing marijuana.

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NBA basketball.
College football.
Country Music Awards.

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The private lives of famous people.
What a woman’s engagement ring looks like.

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Justin Beiber.
Pop music in general…

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Addressing the opinions of right-wing mental midgets like O’Reilly and Limbaugh. I wish they were ignored by all at least vaguely reasonable and sane people. They’re basically feeding the trolls.

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Beards as something more than hair on your face.

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Star Trek
Gossip, warbling on about someone’s life of which you have no control over.

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@Kropotkin I was once told by someone I worked with that he was “further right” than Limbaugh. Scared the crap out of me.

@funkdaddy Explain, please.

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Sex. Freedumb.

@Kropotkin is right too. There is little difference between RWA commentators and their fans. They all have opinions of equally low quality. It is useless to hear them again and again.

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Any celebrity worship – whether actors, athletes, royals or musicians. The OJ Simpson nonsense was the tipping point for me, and I’ve made a conscious effort to avoid anything to do with it ever since.

Photo shoots – For goodness sakes, why do people need an engagement photo shoot, a pregnancy photo shoot, a pet photo shoot, a 1 month, 2 month, 3 month, etc. photo shoot. Just ugh. I don’t begrudge the photographers for trying to earn a living, but I don’t comprehend the psychology behind the people who feel such an extravagence is needed to document their milestones. It seems so superficial to me.

Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs/Communions, Sweet 16/Quinceañera parties, etc. – what a waste of money.

Gluten free diets is a concern to me, as my mother does have true celiac disease and she has benefited from the trend of folks watching their gluten in having more options that are more easily purchased. Since it is often hereditary, I am at risk, although I have thus far tested negative.

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@ucme Star Trek?

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Politics… why does corrupted parties still stay in power?

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@ucme Better. I just had a hard time wrapping my brain around a jelly who doesn’t like Star Trek. Trekkies, different story. I don’t get that either. Any obsession to that degree with movie stars or characters in a show or movie is beyond me.

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@JLeslie “I just had a hard time wrapping my brain around a jelly who doesn’t like Star Trek.”

That’d be me…

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@JLeslie Oh I get that they’re passionate fans, nowt wrong with that, but of that show?

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Professional sports.

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Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Columbus Day
Childish relationship drama

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Competitive bicycle racing

Video Games

Most reality shows (although I do love home and garden shows and cooking shows, which I guess could be considered reality shows)

Average people training for marathons and 10K’s (a lot of my female relatives are into this now)

Paleo diets

Rap Music

Justin Bieber

Game of Thrones

Walking Dead

Breaking Bad

Shoes Like These


Going to Bars


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@livelaughlove21 – is it that beards are back (google, because there’s hundreds of articles about beards when you type in the phrase “beards are back”)...

or maybe beards are over (article)

Some think beards are sexy some think beards are gross (listen to those guys, beards are an identity)

Others think they’ve gone mainstream, and some comment even on the comment that they’ve gone mainstream by declaring them uncool (or at least making fun of anyone that hasn’t noticed beards yet)...

Or maybe people just need 6000 beard related t-shirt options and I’m missing something about hair on your face.

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Sports, but I get people care about the competition. Nah, I can’t really think of much I don’t care about or understand to some degree.

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Hair coloring
Talk shows
Bikini waxing
America’s Funniest Videos

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Diets and food and calories and eating healthy. Maybe it’s because I work in an office environment, but that’s all I hear people talk about.

I usually just take my donut (special for today) and walk away. Why go to donuts and then talk about your diet while you stare at other people taking one. Ugh. It’s as if they are showing off sometimes.

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American Idol and shows of that ilk
Professional wrestling

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Conspiracy theories, especially those involving the government. We all know those yahoos can’t act together, much less act together and keep a secret more than a day.

Zombies is a good one and I add vampires.

Pop music

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@anniereborn How can you not like ninja’s though?! <amazed>

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@KNOWITALL Sorry to appear gailish but you shouldn’t put an apostrophe before the “s” in a plural noun that isn’t a possessive.

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@janbb maybe she missed a word. like…ass? I dunno

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No, it’s a consistent pattern or I wouldn’t mention it.

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@anniereborn How can you not like a ninja’s ass? I like it.

@janbb Working on a few screens at the same time, my bad, thanks. :)

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On line gaming.

Sports in general.

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Hard alcohol
Dance clubs and bars
Fantasy football
Manicures and pedicures

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Oh, one more:

Gambling (casinos, etc.)

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@gailcalled Do you mean to tell me that you don’t find AFV funny? I cry watching that show, but can do without the nutshots.

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Drinking is a good one. Add that to my list.

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Gender roles and weed.

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Yep, organized sports, Celebrities, politics, Obama obsession ( leave the poor guy alone and if you think you can do a better job run for office. )
Star Trek..( seriously how can you find that show so interesting? )
Obsession with heath to the point of extremism, hellloooo…you WILL die sooner or later and there is nothing you can do to prevent it, if you want to live on fucking seaweed and work out 7 hours a day fine, but this doesn’t make you somehow superior to those of us that don’t.
Gambling, second that one too and your daily bullshit routines and chores.

I do not CARE what you had for dinner last night and what you’re making today.
Complaining, all the time, about everything, complainers die! haha

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I forgot two,.

Flappy Birds and Candy Crush

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Social Networking

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Role playing games

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Sports are one thing since that doesn’t interest me at all.

The thing that I really don’t understand is people obsessed with their I-Phone or Smart Phone. It is constant with them to always be on line with people and wasting hours and hours of their day. Originally the cell phone started out being a small phone you slipped into your pocket to use in case of emergency or if you really had to call someone about something urgent. I know I’m probably in the minority here with this gripe.

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@BeenThereSaidThat Me, too. I think it’s a little annoying and a waste of money “keeping up with the joneses’ type people love, but to me it’s just a tool for my safety and convenience.

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The royal family.
The Sports Ill Lust Rated swimsuit edition.
Human babies.
Thin models.
Having fair skies and sunny weather in CA, when we’re experiencing one of our worst droughts ever.
Papal visits.

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The Olympics
Milley Cyrus and what stupid things she has done in public.
Oh and did I mention the Kardashians?

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Note: the following things I don’t yet relate to, but I’m not saying I think that means there’s no reason to care about them or that those who do are therefore idiots, or anything like that. Here goes…

Award shows- If I’m interested in who the award went to, I look it up online the following day.

Sports- It’s all here.

Alcohol- Waste of money, waste of good health, waste of time. Those wanting to drown their sorrow I get, but just doing it recreationally I don’t.

Celebrities- You’d think they were an alien race for how interesting watching everything they do is to so many, but is there anything they do that’s really that much different than non-celebrities?
Wanting to know about their movies/shows/music I get, but wanting to hear gossip/trivia and personal information about them I don’t. I also think it’s sleazy and wrong how they’re treated like inhuman objects there solely for our amusement by TMZ and VH1 (among others), and how photographers constantly violate their privacy.

Marriage- It means nothing but what we say it does. No difference actually takes place after you’re pronounced married, you just tell yourself one has.
Marriage as a religious ritual I get, but otherwise not so much.

Zombie Movies- They’ve just been churning them out lately. The result is that unoriginal zombie movies are now a dime a dozen. If that’s your kind of thing then it’s fine for you, but I get weary of seeing the same formula played out so many times. A few of them that break the mold I like, but the rest not so much.

Gambling- It’s all luck, you’re likely never going to get anywhere with it.

Blind Nationalism- Some people get so caught up rooting for the home team that it can be really dangerous. A feeling of “we’re all in this together” expressing itself through devotion to your fellow countrymen is one thing, but carried past a certain point it becomes egotistic and unreasonable.

Also: wanting ornate things that have no function, cars, fashion, and reality shows.

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For some of us gluten leads to both death and a long list of side effects you’ve probably never even thought of, and that’s a serious thing. If you had to deal with it you’d know how hard it is to find anything safe, and how many things you can’t participate in that everyone else can. There really aren’t that many alternatives to gluten out there, at least not that are affordable or that healthy, so the more it gets mentioned, the more awareness is created, which is a good thing in the same way increased awareness of the need for wheelchair ramps was before they were common.
There’s a book called Wheat Belly that might help you realize that even if you aren’t gluten intolerant that the stuff isn’t that good an idea.

You may just be being done invisible damage, the kind that slowly accumulates and you don’t notice until after a certain threshold (after which you may chock it up to some other origin, since cause and effect are so far apart you may not associate them with each other). And/or, the kind of difference (health-wise) may exist in you now that you just don’t know the difference between and normal, since you’re used to it. Sometimes it takes making a change to realize there was something missing in the first place, which is why always trying new things is a valuable strategy.

I think it’s good to be able to question conventional wisdom. The only trouble is when the alternative to conventional wisdom isn’t put through the same rigor.

I’m curious to hear what your dreams are like if dreams aren’t important to you.

*I know no one asked, and I don’t assume that the other users here think of the things they listed as examples of things they don’t get as therefore meaningless or wrong.

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@Lunar_Landscape I do understand that for some people it is very important but it did seem to become the topic du jour for a period of time. In any case, I figured that this was meant as a fairly light-hearted thread.

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The neighbours.


How the damn wheather is supposed to be the following week.


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Flossing your teeth twice a day. I do not have time for that shit. I will floss one time, Dr. Dody.

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When religious people argue about the nature of communion or minutia of faith. They are in agreement on the big stuff and still make a huge deal out of the little stuff. Sometimes they do it so much that they forget what the big stuff was.

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I originally wrote a disclaimer to the effect of “I know this isn’t the general section and different rules apply, but in case the following info does turn out to be useful…”, because I thought what I was saying might be offensive otherwise, but somehow I ended up making myself believe it was unnecessary.

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Whether or not there is a heaven.

Relax, you’ll find out when you die.

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Whether or not there is a hell.

If that’s a serious concern for you, you obviously need to make some major changes in your life.

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@Lunar_Landscape That would be a short conversation, since I don’t care to discuss dreams.

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I’m a Celebrity- Get Me Out of Here!

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Oh, also: Starbucks’ beverage sizes and their names. Who cares why the smallest size is called tall?!

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Red Bull. That stuff’s nasty.

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All fads, especially food fads.

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That’s what I’m saying, though: why not? I was wondering how you don’t find dreams to be interesting, and thought it might be because when you dream it’s a different experience than the average dreamer (constant nightmares, for example). Or is it just a matter of not liking to discuss them?

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@Lunar_Landscape I don’t think that there is anything interesting or important about what shapes you saw in your sleep. The only thing about dreams that has any value, in my opinion, is how you felt or what you believe about your dreams.

I think people place FAR too much emphasis and importance on what they “saw” while they slept.

I doubt very much that I have different dreams than most people. I’ve had the ability to fly, my teeth have crumbled and fallen out, I’ve been naked in public, I’ve bought a house with holes in the floor, my dining room table had three legs after my parents separated. I have had great sex with hot people. Lately I’ve been dreaming about cloth diapers.

There is one dream ever that meant something to me that I would discuss with others. I dreamed that my car went off of a bridge into a body of water. I’ve had that before. But instead of waking up “drowning” in my dream, the dream continued to the point that my car hit the bottom and I survived. To me, it was a dream of triumph and symbolized moving past my fears and no longer being a victim or afraid.

It’s not that I don’t dream or that I only have nightmares. I just think that the images we see in our sleep are irrelevant. Conquering my fears and no longer being a victim is relevant.

That’s one dream ever. Out of 34 years on this planet, one dream was important to me. There is one dream I would be interested in discussing. Those are pretty low odds.

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@dxs red bull is nasty stuff.

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Zombies, fer shur.
@Cupcake, your teeth crumbled and fell out?!??!! I can imagine people dreaming the other stuff, I’ve dreamed some of the stuff you mentioned, but that one gets me. If I have a dream like that tonight I’m comin’ after you. (nervous chuckle)
“Smart” phones. Cell phones didn’t start out so small. My first was about the same size as a rotary phone receiver. It was needed for my business, an a pain at times. I now carry a flip phone. I have to keep it with me because I am disabled, and have a young daughter who depends on me for her safety. People who need a cattle prod to have their phone/computer/gaming gadget pried from their grip leave me wondering if anyone is home, or are they the open door to The Matrix.

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