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Would you be slightly offended by this situation?

Asked by cheebdragon (17464points) February 14th, 2014 from iPhone

Last weekend I was getting ready to go to the laundromat, I had all my stuff in the car but it wouldn’t start. So rather than take everything back inside, I just borrowed my step-dads truck (with his permission). I was sitting in his truck while the clothes were in the washer and I opened the back window of the truck maybe 2–3 inches so I could hear when the clothes were done. When I got home i forgot to shut the window. The next morning my mom asked me “if you had to take a drug test right now, would you pass?” And my answer was “yes, but what the hell are you talking about?”......
Apparently my step dad found what “appeared to be a marijuana seed in the front seat of his truck, and the window was open like I was trying to air out the smell of weed possibly”....
1. I haven’t smoked weed in at least 8–10 years.
2. A 2–3 inch window gap is not going to air out the scent of weed, I can walk into store 10 min after a person has left and still be able to smell it in the air.

It bothers me that they would even feel like asking me about it because its so random.

Would you be offended?

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Is it random? You said you haven’t smoked weed in 8–10 years, does that mean you used to and it was a problem and your parents had a hard time dealing with it? Or, maybe someone else in the family is an addict and their antenna are always up? I am not assuming anything, but if any of those thngs I named are true, I would not be offended and I would not blame them for asking.

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A little, but I’d point out that a weed smoker is very unlikely to leave anything behind. Sure it could happen by accident, and yes you can smoke the seeds, but if that’s all you had, you don’t leave them behind. probably wouldn’t be doing myself any favors by pointing this out though
That said for me it wouldn’t really be the situation itself that would slightly offend me, but rather this would depend on the person who was asking. If they don’t really know me and just assume I was a dope head, I’d be offended by their ignorance, a little. Lots of people are against weed but know fuckall about it, assuming it’s right up there with heroin and PCP.
If it was someone who really knows me, it would depend on whether or not they were actually concerned about me, or if they just wanted to make me look like a bad guy. Of course, when you’re using someone elses’ property, they are entitled to ask a few questions if you forget to roll down a window or something. I wouldn’t ask if you were smoking up in there, but I would be like, dude close the window next time.

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Maybe. Do you have a history with drug abuse? If you did I guess I could understand, but if you have never had a drug problem, I think I would be offended. I would punish them by telling them “I’m not using drugs” when you open windows or doors, get a snack, or anything really. Then they will see how annoying their questions are.

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Yeah, I would. Especially coming from your own parents. BTW….how would your dad know what a marijuana seed looks like?

I never dated after my divorce. I was really focused on my family, my kids. Their dad came to visit once so I took that opportunity to use him as a baby sitter while I quietly went on one of the only dates I had during those 10 years. It was a daytime date and I was home by about 6:00.

My daughter was a little freaked out that I wasn’t there and called my Mom. My Mom talked to me a bout it. She was convinced that I’d gone to a motel room with the guy. When I told her we had simply gone on a picnic down by the river she all but called me a liar. That really, really hurt me. I mean, this was my own mother. She knew me! She should know I’d never do something like that.

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Hahaha. No, I’d take it as further confirmation that my parents have no understanding of who I am and how I live my life. They were always quietly suspicious that I was about to “go bad”, when in fact I was an exceedingly dull kid.

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Funny story @Dutchess_III. I’d let mom know that just because she used to be a young floosie, didn’t mean that you turned out that way. I mean if it really gets to the point of such unwarranted accusations. I find those attitudes revealing of guilty talk.

nothin’ gainst yer muz

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Next time be quicker on your feet. Confess that you saw the seed too, and was concerned about them. Didn’t want to move it, or even touch it. It wasn’t your property and you certainly don’t want to get fuzz busted for throwing someone’s mary jane out the window.

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No, she was far from a floozie! I’m pretty sure she didn’t even like sex. Thinking on it now, it may have been the beginning of her Alzheimer’s. :( Sad that it wasn’t that out of character for her though. She just hurt people, even when I was growing up.

What @RealEyesRealizeRealLies…you didn’t want to touch it because you thought maybe your dad left it there!

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<———stoned floosie lover

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…as in, lover of stoned floosies.

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floosie or floozie?

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Loose woman.

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I would be offended by the fact that anyone would be bothered by my weed habit (hypothetically). Even if I don’t use it than I still wouldn’t know what to say about someone thinking that I’m using it for the reason above. I just don’t see smoking weed as being a big deal.

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Not offended, just shake my head and say, “no, I am not getting high in dad’s truck.” And the let it go.

If they continued, I’d point out to them that these days marijuana doesn’t even come with seeds anymore.

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Someone certainly has his antenna up regarding “what appears to be a marijuana seed”. When I smoked – extensively – more than 35 years ago I recall that marijuana seeds can hardly be distinguished by the naked eye from all kinds of other seeds. The only way I ever knew that “that’s a marijuana seed” was when it went pop! in the joint or pipe I was smoking.

I think that I’d start a conversation that begins with, “What makes you suspect that the thing that you saw was a marijuana seed as opposed to any other kind of random weed seed that can be easily and unintentionally picked up and transferred to the vehicle?”

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My parents would never have loaned me a car. They wouldn’t have bothered to ask if they thought something was “wrong” with me. The day I turned eighteen they showed me the door. They didn’t even have to ask for the key back, or change the locks; I never had a key to my own their house.

I took offense at their total lack of interest and involvement in my life, which started from a very early age. I guess this is my way of saying that maybe the fact that they are interested and care is not something I would take offense at. Annoyed by, yes. But probably not offended.

One of my all time favorite quotes, from Mamie Eisenhower: “Offense is taken, not given.”

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Yes, I would and have been. I once had a boss accuse me and my husband of smoking weed before a business dinner. He smoked a pipe at the time and had been puffing on that before we went into the restaurant.

I acted indignant, but I never thought she believed my totally innocent protestations.

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@GoldieAV16 ”...their total lack of interest and involvement in my life…”


@GoldieAV16 ”...maybe the fact that they are interested and care…”

Got me wondering how many teens become abusive because it’s the only way to get their parents attention.

You obviously have a problem Goldie. Seek help and set your poor parents mind at ease.

sarcasm is difficult online

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I understand what @GoldieAV16 is saying. I crossed my mind too that it would have been nice to be able to use my parent’s car as a back up. But they were thousands of miles away.

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I would be annoyed by your mother’s insinuation, but I’d be just as intrigued about who actually left the apparent weed seed on the seat. ;-o

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@Brian1946 “but I’d be just as intrigued about who actually left the apparent weed seed on the seat. ;-o”, I was wondering that too.

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Are we sure it was a weed seed? Anybody do any DNA testing on it?

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I’ve never been caught using drugs and they know I don’t drink so it really was out of left field.

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Wow. Really!

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Have they always accused you of doing crazy things @cheebdragon?

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I’d tell your step dad to cram the “appeared to be a marijuana seed…” up his butt along with his truck!

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