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Why do people do this to their dogs?

Asked by Dutchess_III (38148points) February 14th, 2014

I’ve been having to use the alley to get off of my street because the city has my street blocked off at both ends because they’re working on it. I think they’re installing brand new pot holes.

I had never been down the alleys before so I didn’t realize this until now. These people have this big black dog, like a lab or something, stuck in a little chain link pen, maybe 6 X 6, in their back yard. The yard is good sized but it’s not fenced. There is a plastic dog kennel in the middle of that pen that takes up a pretty fair portion of the space. This poor dog just sits on the kennel and barks when I drive by. It has to be driving him insane.

I called animal control about it today.

But why do people even have dogs if that’s what they’re going to do to them all day, maybe all night too? That’s no way to treat an animal. :(

We have some friends who had some hunting dogs. He kept them in little pens and runs. Said it ruins hunting dogs if they run loose. It’s sad because he has, like, 90 acres. Would have been heaven for those dogs.

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I used to have a big pen for my dog when I didn’t have a fenced yard at a rental. She came in at night usually and I loved her. I’ll admit it’s not ideal but as long as they walk her/love on her and feed her and she’s got a house, it’s not abusive unless it’s freezing out and it’s not heated or anything.

I’ve seen dogs with collars grown into their skin, on chains 24/7 and barely fed or watered, used for breeder dogs litter after litter. Just keep an eye out and try to be judicial and impartial before you get too worked up. Does she look healthy? Is their dog poop piled up in the pen?

*I’ve heard that about hunting dogs, too, but I’m not familiar enough to know if it’s true or not.

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No she/he looks clean enough but it’s just sad.

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Because they can, they own the animal…….....

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No idea. I agree with you. I get mad when people excessively use crates in the house, too. There may be some dogs who are fine locked up- but most definitely want to be with their family.

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For many dogs, that’s a huge step up. Many, many, many dogs spend their entire lives on a chain (which is why I volunteer with this group. “The mission of the Coalition to Unchain Dogs is to improve the welfare of dogs living continuously chained outdoors by providing free spay/neuter, vaccinations, and fences, while bolstering connections between these dogs and their human companions through non-judgmental assistance and education designed to raise general community expectations regarding the standards of care for these animals” Compare Samson’s fear and aggression at the beginning of the clip to his exuberant joy at the end. The mud was because of 3 days of torrential rains – which didn’t stop the volunteers)

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I understand your intentions are good, but are you sure you have the information necessary to pass a judgement on this? Surely your short time using the alley and witnessing the dog are no comparison to others who have seen this for much longer. Perhaps he has a better schedule with the animal than you believe.

My dog loves his kennel. It’s his spot that is his and his alone. And even when it’s coldest outside, unfit for humans, all he wants to do is stay out. That might look cruel to a passerby. But that’s when he’s most happy and energized.

I wouldn’t bother worrying if the dog looked fit and without scars. Sadness is not a crime.

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Being chained is horrible, but it doesn’t excuse lesser forms of neglect and abuse and just plain meaness.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies does your dog have a choice about where he wants to be? If his kennel is outside, is there room for him to run around outside? This pen was just a pen. There were no bones, no toys and no room for him to run around.

My Shepherd loved this snow. She would run her face in it, then lay down in it like she was at the beach. But she had a choice to come in when she wants, and room to run if she wanted to stay outside.

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He has the entire yard to run. But he likes to hang out in the pen. It’s left open.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies And that’s perfect.

But the neighbor’s dog….it’s like locking a child in a room with absolutely nothing in it but a bed and windows all around, whatever reason they have for doing it.

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@Dutchess_III I don’t like the sound of this mode of parenting either. Our dogs almost run the house and I feel good about it. I think animals deserve to be spoiled. And , strangely, I assume the neighbors notice how fat they are. They know our dogs are extremely well fed.
They adore their locked pen at night. Often they go inside on their own before bedtime. lol They have two fat fluffy dog beds in there, too and a bowl of water. lol
Oh; and it’s in the den.

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I don’t know why people would even HAVE a dog if they don’t intend it to be a part of the family.

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^^^^^^^^ Lots of people want a dog chained up in their yard just for a watchdog.

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Well, if he’s chained up he won’t worth much, except to bark.

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That’s what I meant. They want him to simply bark when someone is around. Nothing else.

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That’s cruel. And useless. If that’s all a dog has to do all of its life it’s going to bark at every cat and bird and leaf that blows by. :(

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You did the right thing by calling animal control.
I had to do the same thing because this idiot had their dog chained outside and I monitoired it daily it was 100 degrees outside this dog had no water or food.

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