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Would I like hot green tea if I like bottled green tea with honey or citrus flavor?

Asked by RockerChick14 (951points) February 14th, 2014 from iPhone
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I doubt it. Seems like you enjoy the sugar aspect of it all.

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All depends on your tolerance for sugar or lack there of.

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Yes, you will probably like it – although you may want to add a spoon of honey to it, if you prefer it sweet. If you are trying to cut back on sweeteners, you could get flavored green teas and tea bags with peppermint, jasmine, or mango, as an example, and you might find those more palatable without added sweetener than the straight green tea.

I mostly drink unsweetened teas, but am more inclined to sweeten the iced teas than the hot teas – this hadn’t occurred to me before now, and I wonder if the temperature difference affects the taste buds in some way… Hmmmmm…

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I think it’s important to make sure you are brewing it correctly. Green tea is even more finicky than black tea, and can get bitter in a hurry.

First of all: Don’t make it with boiling water. Very hot – 175 F, 80 C is as hot as it should be. Use about 4 grams of loose leaf tea per 100 ml of water (or 4 ounce teacup). Then, only steep for 1–2 minutes.

You can use the same leaves two or three more times.

Good green tea is an acquired taste. You can start off with a touch of honey, but I think after a few goes, you’ll drop it and enjoy the tea for what it is.

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There are many brands and varieties of green tea. If you don’t like one, try a few others. I think you will like hot green tea, you can add sweetners just like any other tea. I personally like black tea best.

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Freshly made hot green tea does not have much of a flavor. It is very subtle and may take some time to acquire and appreciation for it. I love green tea not for its flavor but for how it makes me feel after I drink it. It gives me a slight energy boost feeling and never the jittery feeling that I get with coffee. Those were the good old days. Unfortunately nowadays for me I can’t tolerate any amount of caffeine any more. It seems like I’ve actually become allergic to caffeine. Is that crazy or what? I’ve never heard of someone being allergic to caffeine.

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