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What is your stance on the actions taken against bullying videos being posted online?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) February 15th, 2014

Do you think that it’d be better if they were instantly deleted, used within campaigns to stamp bullying out in schools, and/or handed over to the authorities to be dealt with appropriately?‎

Your opinion is very valuable to me.
I await your comments and opinions.
You know how important they are to me.
Your opinion matters so share your views!

A very special thank you goes to all of you.

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What do you mean by bullying videos? Like videos taken of someone bullying another?

Since I’m not sure what exactly you’re talking about I’ll just answer how I feel about it in general. Honestly, I think this generation needs to grow a pair. I’m constantly astonished by half the stories I hear from my parents generation, like seriously the shit they did to each other in school was insane, yet, somehow, they made it through it fine. Today however it seems that everyone’s feeling are so damn sensitive that they cry fail at the slightest thing. Online bullying gets me even more. Like come on, it’s someone online, who gives a shit what they say about you?

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I’m not sure what you’re talking about either, and when that happens, I just bash Facebook. A lot of bullying is done on that place, and it sucks because FaceBook is so important to most people. It’s like these days, people can’t live without it. Their whole social life seems to happen on there…despite my personal opinion of this, well it sucks for those people if their ’‘reputation’’ is being all ruined on there…but I have to agree with @uberbatman. Grow a pair. Lol. I remember my dad telling me what it was like when he was a kid at the end of the fifties and beginning of the sixties. Fistfights against other kids and all this terrible shit…seems pussy style today lol, although I’m glad I wasn’t born back then. Not that this doesn’t happen today though…and anyways, no matter the bullying and what WE think of it or what we’d like to compare it to, bullying is bullying, and if it hurts somebody, we don’t have the right to say if it’s legit or not, especially if it isn’t happening to US.

But I will return to FaceBook; this is something I often see…say a kid bullied someone and their parents decide to teach them a lesson and punish them. You’ll see a picture of that kid holding a sign that will say something like, I am an intelligent young girl, but it seems that I like to bully people, and because of this, I will no longer be using any social networks for two months.

I think, personally, this is ridiculous, but maybe that’s how big FB is for people? So parents use a site to punish their kids? Wow, okay…or that dad who made a video of him shooting his daughter’s laptop and posted it on FB, to punish her because she complained on FB about her chores. I think parents need to grow a pair too, and make their kids understand what they did wrong, not humiliate them on the Internet. My fucking God.

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This reminds me of a question I have. At our middle school someone used streamers threaded through the chain link fence in front of the school to write “STOMP OUT BULLYING.” That leaves me a bit puzzled. It’s like USE VIOLENCE TO END BULLYING!

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Depends upon the particular situation. It should be turned over to the authorities if there is violent criminal behavior. I would flag it on facebook so facebook asks for it to be removed once I had copied it for evidence. I wouldn’t use the video for anything in a public forum if it involves minors. When the kids who commited the bad acts are caught and prosecuted I would use them as examples of the consequences of bullying to try to stop other kids from doing it.

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I’m not sure what is meant by bullying videos either, since I can’t recall seeing any bullying videos online. Since I can’t answer this question directly I’ll just state a few things concerning how I feel about the topic of bullying in general. I’ll dissent here and state that bullying should be taken more seriously. If we as society are not concerned about the lack of empathy and compassion in young people today then how in hell do we expect our culture to rid itself of the violence affecting it?

There was a seventeen year old girl near me not too long ago, an immigrant from Ireland, who was so severely harassed at her school that she ended up hanging herself. The bullies then continued posting insults on facebook against this deceased girl! Personally I feel that bullies should be dealt with very strongly. The fact is that young people will do bad things to others if they know there are no ramifications for their actions.

Bullying is a crime, it’s that simple. At the very least bullying is harassment, which is a crime. Many times bullying extends beyond the simple harassment though, and crosses over to stealing, extortion and assaults. These latter offenses are crimes too, so they should be punished just like any other crime would. Highlighting these offenses online or on videos are no exception since these assholes are openly admitting to and demonstrating committing a crime. I can’t understand how any logical or decent person could disagree with me here.

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