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Do you like to choose questions that tease your brain and make you really think, or questions that are blasé, easy, or can be answered even if you are lazy and don’t want to think hard?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) February 15th, 2014

The title says it all but should you need some help, brain teaser questions such as the reasons if we as humans are naturally good, why do we have to have so many cops, as opposed to does he/she think I am cute when I wear [blank] questions

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Depends on if I’m Fluthering in a hurry or not. I don’t have a lot of experience, so most of the questions that require you to think a whole lot are over my head in some way.

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A lot of my fluther time is when I’m on my 30 minute lunch break. I don’t have the time/energy to answer brainy questions even though I do think them over.

I think a lot of supposedly brainy questions are framed in ways that make them seem like they only want people to agree with them, no real interest in an open dialogue.

Not to mention fluther has been short on intellectually stimulating questions.

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I like questions that solve problems. That was the original goal of Fluther and it has strayed so far from that I wouldn’t really care if the DNS stopped resolving.

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Depend on the nature of the questions. If the questions are interesting enough, don’t fall into my don’t-answer list (politics and religion), or are within my knowledge, I’ll bite. Otherwise I just skip.

Usually I’m suck at relationship matter. But sometimes I do drop in and answer some relationship question.

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Like @johnpowell I like the question that solve problems, though I don’t know that I’d stick it completely to physical stuff, I still enjoy the metaphysical questions, but the “what does this dream mean” or “does x like me” questions, fuck all that noise.

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@uberbatman Totally agree with the “what does this dream mean” and “does x like me” part :)

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What on earth is a blasé question?

As a jumping-off point, I start by choosing questions that I understand.

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I only answer “do I look fat questions”

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No idea, there’s no planning or thinking involved, just answer what the fuck I want when I want.

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I’m not sure how “why are there do many cops?” is a brain teaser, though.

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I like to mix it up, based on the time I have.

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“What on earth is a blasé question?”

Perhaps the OP was addressing that to jellies who don’t live on earth. ;-)

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My favorites are the ones that I read and don’t have an immediate answer to, but something about them won’t leave me alone. I can carry some Fluther questions around with me for a couple of hours before I even get a glimpse of what direction an answer might take, then sit down at the keyboard and spend almost another hour as my answer slowly unfolds. I love that process.

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I answer your questions, @Hypocrisy_Central , and those are the most confounding confusing contradictory questions around.

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I also like the “solve a problem” questions best, which is one of the reasons I get pissed off when jellies chase off people with homework questions. Helping someone solve a homework problem is not the same thing as helping them cheat.

But since, as others have said, these are few and far between, I next prefer thought-provoking, philosophical questions.

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I like questions that make me think in terms of how I’d answer. I like to learn more about myself each day as I am still so mysterious (to myself).

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Depends on my mood, time constraints, etc…

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Questions that pertain to the way people think, and why. After all, differences in human psychology appear to be making this world a very unpleasant place to live and co-exist with many others.

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I comment on whatever question strikes my interest at the instant I read it—no pattern. And whatever the question, I usually keep my comments very short.

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^^ I usually keep my comments very short. And eagerly awaited by your grateful readership. Why using 50 words when 10 will do escapes me.

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