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How good are those seaweed cracker things for snacks?

Asked by Aster (18320points) February 16th, 2014

I almost bought seaweed crisps or crackers or whatever they are online. If you’ve had them are they good or awful? I don’t want to put out the cash for them if they aren’t really good. TiA

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I don’t know but they sound disgusting. Seaweed crisps? Blech!

The reviews on Amazon would be helpful. I’d look it up for you, but you didn’t give a brand name. I have to assume that matters.

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I read the Amazon reviews and they were quite positive. But, then, those people eat seaweed.

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@Aster Good point. I’m not sure why someone that doesn’t eat seaweed would purchase and review seaweed crisps, though.

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I like them but as expected they are really high in the sodium.

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Having enjoyed many seaweed salads and rolls containing seaweed at sushi restaurants, I’d be inclined to give them a try, if I were much of a cracker-eater, and if I saw them.

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I hate sea weed! Gag! lol
I eat lots of rice crackers but always weed out the sea weed wrapped ones. When I traveled in asia every appetizer was some form of sea weed. Nasty stuff, only edible when washed down with copius amounts of beer IMO. haha

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If you choke on them you must seek immediate kelp.

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I love seaweed and I like the crackers. But remember: I love seaweed.

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I like these seaweed rice crackers. What were you looking at?

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@ucme LOL good one.

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Seaweed is great, I can remember in high school our exchange student was from just outside Tokyo. His mom sent him a “care package” he asked me and some other classmates to share his dried Nori. It was great we sat in the cafeteria after school eating seaweed.

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Why don’t you buy a packet and try them for yourself, I don’t imagine they are prohibitively expensive, and everyone’s tastes are different.

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I’ve tried them and I liked them but they were very salty.

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