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Who knows the book "The boy in the striped pyjamas"?

Asked by kiki__ (99points) February 16th, 2014

Would you recommend it to read in class? Why/ why not?

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I saw the movie and it was very moving, never read the book, but…I would think it would be an impactive and intelligent read.

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You asked this question twice in a row. see my answer in the other thread.

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Well razza frazza. I ALWAYS pick the wrong question on a duplicate.

I don’t think the book was very realistic. It was OK, but there are many other holocaust books that are much better if you want to have a realistic account. I will give you a list as soon as you mention the grade level you are planning to teach.

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@keobooks Me too, apparently.

Another question about this book, and the movie that was based on it, was asked here.

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Haven’t seen the movie.

I liked the book, and I didn’t think it was unrealistic. Horribly sad ending, though. I think it might be too intense for kids under fifteen/sixteen. I agree with @keobooks in that there are a lot of better books on the subject.

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Yes; too intense for kids but very good movie. Never read the book.

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Instead of posting this question over and over, can you tell us if you plan to teach middle school, high school, college? I don’t want to make book recommendations unless I know.

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@keobooks high school. I want to read it in class. Would you recommended it?

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It’s not bad, but there are better ones. Let me get a list up for you. Hang on.

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For teaching the holocaust to high schoolers, I’d go with true biographies or novelizations of true stories. I’d also try to find kids older than the Boy in Striped Pajamas.

Clara’s War—True story of a family that was one rich and lived in their maid’s basement during the war.

Night by Elie Weisel (autobiography of a holocaust survivor)

Maus by Art Spiegelman (It’s a graphic novel based on the author’s father’s holocaust story)

ANgel at the Fence (true love story between a concentration camp inmate and a free girl)

Hidden Like Anne Frank (true stories of survivors that were hidden during the war) (good for middle school too)

We Are Witnesses: 5 diaries of teenagers who died in the holocaust

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@keobooks thanks a lot! :-)

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