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Anyone else binge-watch Season 2 of "House of Cards this weekend?

Asked by Pachy (18567points) February 16th, 2014

I watched all 13 new episodes in less than two days. Loved it.

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Did the same.

I actually pirated it so I could download it to my iPhone with Plex so I could watch it when I was away from the internet.

When the first season came out I also pirated it. I also bought netflix for two months even though I don’t use netflix. It is so very good that I am totally happy giving them 16 bucks for a season of it. I signed up for netflix again on friday to support the show even though I will never use it.

The show is so very good.

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I haven’t gotten around to watching it ,et but when I do I know I’ll binge watch it. Watched season 1 in a day and a half :P

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Jackson… The second season is actually better than the first. Grab a 1/8th and some Doritos and carry on.

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I saw 7 or 8 episodes this weekend. The show is SO well done.

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Beat you @Pachy. Did it in less than 48 hours. I just did Game of Thrones season 3 in 15.

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