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Hula hooping causing numb feeling; what shall I do?

Asked by the_overthinker (1503points) February 17th, 2014

I received a 6 pound weighted hula hoop with ridges on on it for Christmas and I have been using it almost daily ever since. Just a couple weeks ago, as I was hooping, I felt a sudden sharp pain, as if the hoop hit a nerve or something, on my lower left waist, and then where it hit and the surrounding area, went numb. I instantly recoiled in pain and dropped my weighted hula hoop. I was nervous and afraid of the numbing feeling and tried to get some feeling and circulation in that area by rubbing and massaging it. That area was numb for a few hours before I regained feeling there.

Ever since then, I was afraid to use my 6 pound weighted hula hoop. Just today, I decided to try it again. And about 10 minutes into my hula hooping exercise, the same area went numb again. But this time, it slowly went numb without any instant sharp pain.

I really enjoy hula hooping, but it seems that it might be advisable to discontinue using my 6 pound weighted hula hoop. What shall I do? Any ideas of what happened? Any recommendations or advice would be much appreciated!

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Quit hula hooping!

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It’s like that old joke. Man says to doctor, it hurts when I do this. Doctor replies, then don’t do that.

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Sounds like a damaged nerve when the pelvis/waist is rotating. Possibly also misaligned lower spine. Do you stretch at all?

I would get a check up if I were you just to see if it’s possibly MS or some form of it. Nerves can be damaged but also healed.

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@pleiades : yes I stretch before and after, and I always rotate my hoop in both directions to equal it out. I will get it checked out!

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A 6 lb hoop repeatedly hitting the same spot on the hip is a bit much and as the others above said before listen to what your body is telling you. Pain is a sign you are overdoing it.

Try hula hooping with a lighter hoop and see if you get the same numbness.

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@Cruiser , I think you’re right! I do have a 1 pound hula hoop that I have no problems with. haha, I may stay away from hoops for awhile.

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Clearly this has been over thought, either lighten the hoop or stop hooping. lol

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@the_overthinker Check out methods of stretching. I just learned recently I’ve been stretching my lower back in a bad way. (I kinda just twisted it forcefully and not slowly, I was always trying to “pop” my lower back)

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Switch to Wii Fit… they have a hula-hoop games on it. ... Also you can take a home pregnancy test.. just in case.

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