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Anyone know of any games like Myst for the Xbox360?

Asked by ARE_you_kidding_me (15735points) February 17th, 2014

My wife is almost done playing Myst 3 and wants something more up to date but similar. I mentioned Portal but that does not seem to interest her. I can’t seem to find any. Any good suggestions? She’s sensitive so no shooting/killing. ;)

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I wish I could help you keep her “drugged up” haha. I love the concept of that game it seems like a very enjoyable game for those who enjoy “escapism”

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Does Ultama quest for the avatar have a new series for Xbox360. If so then pick it. edit I found a trailer

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Monkey island is a classic, lots of puzzles like myst but with more of a storyline. I think they have the whole series for download on 360

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Sorry their is violence in the game I picked, I watched a couple minutes of Myst and all I could come up with is Super Mario sunshine and some old NES games like shadowgate, and Deja vu, and manic mansion, and uninvited.

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@Silence04 That looks like it could be a winner, thanks!

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I love Myst and games like it.

BigFishGames releases a new HOG “Hidden Object Game” game a few times a week. They’re about $3 a piece through the site. Or they can be torrented, y’know, for review purposes. Each game has about 6–11 hours worth of play in it. They are PC, not XBox. I believe most of their games are Android compatible as well, if you do it the legal way.

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