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Why do PC/PC accesory companies have such crappy download speeds?

Asked by XOIIO (18243points) February 17th, 2014

This is something I have wondered for ages, Microsoft, dell, Lenovo, and many, many other sites that have drivers and software have ridiculously slow download speed. I am downloading a 45mb exe from Cannon, and its going to take over three minutes, windows isos and getting drivers for fresh pc installs is even worse. Why do they all have such crappy download speeds? You’d think they could afford to give them a bit more juice.

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They have planed obsolescence… It’s designed to give the seller more money in the long run. It’s like curing cancer and then splitting the drug over a lifetime to make more money. If you want the best you will have to purchase something like alien ware and get ahead for a few months then buying it again for that one little tweak.

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The best…



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@XOIIO Don’t hurt the messenger I’m just a muggle, I’ve never psychically built my own computer, I do play on the dell website and customize for fun what the cheapest to most expensive computer that one can make. The apple website you can go as high as $25,000 for a computer, on the dell site you can go as high as $5000, and as low as $300. What would you suggest for being the best in your experience?

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@talljasperman Building your own is pretty much the best way to go, but if you do need to buy one just don’t buy an alienware, the amount they charge for the hype is ridiculous.

Anyways, companies have the drivers for brand new laptops with the same slow arse download speeds, it took me an hour to download everything I needed for a customer, and the total size was less than 500mb, it was crazy.

Anyways I have an old dell xps 720 i got second hand, it’s still pretty great for a lot of games and the case is sexy, I plan on converting it to work with atx a motherboards and using it for the gaming pc i will build.

Oh yeah, another option is to go to a store that lets you pick the parts and they put it together if you have one of those.

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I bought one of these. The official driver was hosted on one of those Wait 90 seconds for your download to start or pay for it faster sites.

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@johnpowell uhg, I hate those sites.

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Oh, and Akamai is great for this stuff. But it is super expensive. Apple uses them and with the exception of iOS updates it pretty much always maxes out my download.

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