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Who else thinks Fluther needs graphical emoticons?

Asked by jballou (2113points) June 30th, 2008

Those little tiny graphics go such a long way into giving a post some personality, which Fluther is already bursting with. I think they would seriously enhance and add to the fun-factor

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It would be fun to have as long as the kiddies here didn’t go crazy with them. I think we would run the risk of even more nonsense here if we gave them too many toys to play with, know what i mean?

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I know what you mean, but I think the Fluther community is pretty mature and sophisticated, at least in my own personal experience. I don’t know if something like graphical emoticons has much potential for abuse. But then again, I’m not the type to abuse stuff like that so I might not have the imagination necessary to come up with misuses for emoticons.

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But we already have this.


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Just so you know, I’m thirteen and I for one wouldn’t go crazy with them. I think it’s a cool idea but it’s not really needed.

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Only if there were not smileys. Jelly emoticons I could be enjoy. Any artists feel up to that challenge.

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yea, emoticons would only be cool if they were Dr J or something.

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|| || ||

^Dr J

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I don’t think Fluther needs emoticons. Would they be a cool addition to the site? – Depends on the type/quality of emoticons.

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I’m happy to find a site without them :) I’ve always preferred just plain text emotes then any other.

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⠀ ____
⎩__˘ _⎭
⠀// // //

Another Dr.J! ↑

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Is Dr. J the name of the jellyfish mascot?

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Yes, yes it is.

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No, not at all. Textual smileys are old-school cool. Graphical smileys don’t add any value. I thought that the point of Fluther was to be useful, not Yet Another MySpace.

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I vote no.

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johnpowell, you never cease to make me smile/ laugh!!

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I think it’s better without them. But if it were to have them, I hope to god they’re not animated!

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NO; they’re tacky and annoying!

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Good God, no!

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Graphical smileys might just push me off this site altogether. And if they were to be animated… hold on… (swallows bile)... excuse me for a bit…

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I hate animated smileys. I am one of the few flutherers who use :)‘s at all, and I can’t stand it when I make a little smile guy on a forum, and the site turns it into a horrid spew of yellow and squiggly lines. It takes the effect of a simple grin away.

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I hate emoticons SO SO much. They make me want to puke. Please no, anything but that!

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Than maybe just the normal text animation like the Google Talk ,,, have any of you guys come accross its simple and sweet with animtion of coz ..

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how about NO to that, pred. no no no

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