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What would you like to see mankind achieve within your lifetime?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) February 18th, 2014

Explain your choice.

Thank you ever so much.

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I really would like to see Racism and bigotry disappear but I know that is unrealistic and will never ever go away at least not in the time I have left.

I would like to see fossil fuel burning vehicles off the road…that I think is doable in my lifetime that is left.

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The ability to drive properly,why? because you have no idea the carnage I have seen on the highway due to poor driving.

And would love to see a successful man mission to mars.

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Cars made out of rubber & round arsed cows.
What fun crashes would be & learn to trust the former square bottomed bovines.

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Equitable and just wealth distribution to ensure no one is homeless or hungry.

An education system that promotes free-thought and critical enquiry.

The abolition of the boss/owner class.

Ecological sustainability, the eradication of fossil fuel dependence and the application of technology toward this aim.

The implementation of urban farming and permaculture techniques to replace traditional agriculture.

Applying technology to eradicate or minimise the most onerous labour, and to increase leisure time for everyone.

The abolition of copyright laws.

The large scale recognition of neoliberalism as a morally bankrupt economic ideology—as destructive and as abhorrent as fascism.

The abolition of bourgeois “representative democracy” and the implementation of real direct democracy.

The large-scale use of high-tech mass transit and the reduction or eradication of car travel.

The abolition of the nation state.

The development of arcologies.

I could probably go on . . . .

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What @Cruiser said.
Also, the end of youth mind-control.

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I’d like to see mankind learn to use stem cells effectively.
With a stem cell injection we could cure blindness, or fix spinal cord injuries, or even grow back organs that were removed.
I’ll take one 50 gram prostate, please.

Hey Doc, If you have some juice left over how about adding an extra inch or two.

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I must add, to these people that want fossil fuel engines to go away,that wont happen until every last drop of fossil fuel is consumed ,and you know it the oil companies are far to powerful to let that happen any time sooner, and you well know it .

BUT I would like to see cheaper, lighter, more efficient pollution control equipment installed on our fossil burning engines today.

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@SQUEEKY2 Sure. What I’d like to see and what I think I’ll actually see are two very different things.

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There are many things.

- A fair distribution of wealth – of course fair is a highly relative term, but one thing is certain, and that is that the distribution of wealth is extremely unfair today – the richest 1% owns the same amount of money as the poorest 50%, if not more
– I’d like the problems with migration to be solved in a way that the world is viewed upon as a whole and not as divided into parts that is separated by fences. It is also important to analyze why people choose to risk their life to illegally migrate
– I’d like meaningless violence to stop. I’d like to see the US end the so-called war on drugs that causes meaningless violence through all of the Americas, especially Central America
– I’d like to see the end of wars based on racism and I’d like to stop seeing the history repeating itself. What we are seeing today in the Central African Republic is not very different from what we saw during Holocaust, the genocide in Rwanda, apartheid i South Africa, the war in Yugoslavia and the list goes on and on, sadly
– I’d like to see equal rights for men and women throughout all of the world
– I’d like to see the end of discrimination based on gender, sexuality, race, religion etc.
– I’d like to see the end of totalitarianism and corruption

I could go on obviously and I know things are extremely complicated and I sure as hell do not have any solution, but you didn’t ask me to be realistic

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@Cruiser Cars that run on something else is entirely possible, I think. Maybe people will get around to it once there are no more resources, I mean the ones we currently use…the problem I think is because we live in a money driven world, so not polluting doesn’t seem to be a priority. But the electric car does exist.

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I would love a cure for allergies.

Dying to try chicken wings some day.

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@Symbeline You are very correct and I should have expounded on my answer in that fuel operated vehicles will exist as long as gas is cheap and plentiful and the OPEC folks will milk this for all they got. I don’t know exactly what the tipping point is but I recall $7—$8/gallon would motivate consumers and car makers as well to invest in other car technology. Electric is good but the carbon footprint of making and the electricity for charging the batteries is less than optimal and disposing or recycling the batteries is a major issue that has yet to be ironed out.

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I would like to see global warming come to an end. I would like to see dog and cat breeding end, and so if you want a pet, you get one from an animals shelter or rescue situation. I would also like to see people stop wearing fur. Ultimately, if hunters stopped using steel leg hold traps, that would be great too.

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@Cruiser Yeah that’s true. I heard they also have solar cars, I’m not sure how that works exactly…also once I saw on, I think Mythbusters, that it is possible to fuel a car with leftover grease from a burger joint. The guy had his car where the hood was used to make food, then used the grease to get around lol. Maybe not a solution, but I thought it was interesting.

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Fossil fuel is the only thing right now that works in transport trucks, but would like to see what they could come up with as a replacement.

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Also mass transit is a nice idea, but what about those who live in rural areas, and others that don’t want to be restricted to mass transit schedules ,or like traveling with scores of strangers.

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Metamorphasis, because, wouldn’t that just be cool?

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I would like a Red Lobster closer to my house.

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Wireless electricity transmission with price controls locked into the actual overhead costs of collection (orbital solar collectors) and delivery, and not prices based on “whatever the market will bear.” —administered internationally. Adjunct to that: more electric cars, more electric mass transit, more electric everything. The greatest downside I can see is that threatens to exacerbate economic and political imbalance in the Middle East, but if they emulate the practice Dubai’s rulers in spreading their enormous oil profits into a variety of other assets, they should be sufficiently vested in other ventures to lessen the impact of a dwindling demand for oil.

I would like to see potable water, food, and the other necessities to life be addressed equitably as well. Let’s say, the first three levels of Maslov’s pyramid should be protected and dispersed at cost to all. These commodities and services are necessary and therefore should be delivered as such and at cost—universally. The models to do this are out there.

With nutrition comes health care. I would also like to see sincere attempts to make health care available to everyone, not just the hodgepodge of agencies like UNICEF, CARE, Peace Corp, and NGOs like Doctors Without Borders, Partners in Health, etc., etc. There needs to be unification of the worldwide effort. It is a hell of a lot more expensive to do it the way we’re doing it.

The downside is that this might cause an unmanageable population rate increase, but I have faith that we will handle it without destroying the earth first. Alternatively, if we continue the way we’re going, we stand a good chance of doing just that. I mean, if you’re so pessimistic to believe that we’re going to hell anyway, why not everybody ride first class instead of in the proverbial hand basket? But I really don’t think that will happen. People tend to work together and protect the common interest when they can see they are treated fairly. It’s rewarded behavior.

And, last but certainly not least: It’s the right thing to do.

Addendum: If this succeeds, it would be wise to invest in education. But I don’t think you can have good students until they have adequate food, water, shelter, and health care first.

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@Symbeline When my son had his diesel pickup truck he mentioned how he could run his truck on used cooking oil no problem. It seems on the ‘ne they talk a lot about blending diesel and cooking oil.

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It’s eradication. Mankind is a pestilence, vermin, a planetary plague. Deadly germs. Earth’s MRSA.

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My most sincere felicitations

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@kritiper, having a rough day, dear?

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I like what @LuckyGuy said, want to ad that cloning would be cool and that it can go with brain transplant from one body to another than I would like to clone myself another body without the knee problems and the other problems associated with aging. So every twenty years or so than I can get myself a new body. I would like it if we can find a way to live in harmony…in a way if Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek universe can become real.

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^^^^^^^^^^ OHHHHHH GAWD! I love the fresh body thought, not a different one, but like you said, a clone one. I want the same body I had thirty years ago! I like metamorhasis too though. Pregnancy would be so much easier if we could give birth to little tadpoles, and keep them in an aquarium until they develope enough to take them out

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I would like to see a Mr. Fusion.Home Energy Reactor in every car and home. This model is nice.

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Also, I’d like there to be no more nukes and no more killer diseases.

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I hope (pray) to see global cooperation in the fight against the increasingly obvious, planet-threatening effects of global climate change. After all, without a planet, there can be no other goals to pursue.

Of course, before we make real progress in that fight we must first fight the blind stupidity of deniers, including so-called ones like Rep. Marsha Blackburn, whose eyes and intellect aren’t sufficient to convince them of the threat.

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Its own extinction.

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@LuckyGuy Speaking of highly charged home gadgets, one of these guys is my customer and built the Tesla coils using a product I make. One is an electrical engineer at Fermilab and actually made a portable photon accelerator in a brief case and brought to my work to show me. It was a scale model of the Tevatron. Nothing like smashing atoms for a great time!

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“Also mass transit is a nice idea, but what about those who live in rural areas, and others that don’t want to be restricted to mass transit schedules ,or like traveling with scores of strangers”

@SQUEEKY2 I don’t know. There’s always bicycles. I was thinking maybe underground moving walkways up to a few kilometres long, or some sort of magnetically levitated capsules that run underground that you could hop on and ride.

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@Kropotkin bicycles are not the greatest when you live 15miles or more from town and a huge burden to lug things home on.

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@SQUEEKY2 I’m not that sympathetic. Remote rural living is not environmentally sound in general. Although, I’m not against linking rural outposts with some sort of efficient and ecologically sound transit systems.

But if someone wants to live in some shack alone far from everyone and have a road linking them to a larger population centre (upon which they’re dependent) and use a car to travel back and forth? Too bad.

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@Kropotkin , shack, really? Do you lead so sheltered an existence that your reference is Ma and Pa Kettle? Why, them high falutin’ city folk got answers to everthang.

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Are you saying that living rural means being in a shack, and living like half witted peasants? That’s what it sounds like. You are pretty strange saying rural living isn’t environmentally sound. Away from cities is where environment exists, and sometimes thrives. Somebody HAS to live there if people want to eat.

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@Jonesn4burgers Um. No. Where did I say anything about half-witted peasants? The context of my using “shack” seemed quite clear—it was the idea that no matter how remotely someone wanted to live, that they’d expect to have a road to their house.

And no. Rural living is not environmentally sound. Just consider if the entire population of New York decided to spread out and live in remote towns and village across a large area. Do you think their energy and resource consumption would decrease or increase? (It’s the latter.) Do you think their transportation needs would be simpler or longer and more difficult? (It’s the latter).

You’re conflating life in the “environment”—as a synonym for rural life away from urbanisation—as being “environmental” in the sense of “ecologically sound”. Except it isn’t, as I’m trying to explain. It just appears that way, because a small rural town or village is relatively small.

” Somebody HAS to live there if people want to eat”

Lots of people living in rural areas have little to nothing to do with food production. And the industrial agricultural system that is based in rural areas is horrendously destructive and ecologically unsound and unsustainable: Fertiliser run-off, the use of pesticides and insecticides, depletion of aquifers, the pollution of aquifers, rivers, lakes, the population collapse of bees and other pollinators, degradation of land, loss of biodiversity, loss of woodland and clearing of forests.

Why on Earth would you think having people spread out over a larger area across the countryside is going to be good for the environment? And you have the gall to call me “pretty strange”.

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@kritiper It’s eradication.

@ragingloli Its own extinction.

As you probably both know, humanity is currently on that path. Unfortunately many other terrestrial lifeforms are being dragged along that path through no will of their own.

IMO, no irony would be more delightful than seeing the Kochs and other environmental traitors die from their own pollution.

Dr. Peters anyone?

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@Brian1946 The Kochs are in the their 70s, so they probably won’t be around long enough. I also pessimistically envisage a future where billionaires will simply build themselves have other wage labourers build them luxurious arcologies, protected from the elements and natural disasters, with largely self-sustaining and ecologically closed systems—while the rest starve in dust swept wastelands.

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The world should recognize the wonder that I am and make me its supreme leader. Every country will be renamed the Republic of Lori, the United States of Lori, the United Kingdom of Great Lori and Northern Loriland, etc. Everyone will speak exactly the way I do, which is like Jacqueline Kennedy but not quite a breathy (we both grew up in Rhode Island, now known as Lori Island, with the same accent).

@Gifted With Languages, please don’t throw anything at me. You asked a serious and thought-provoking question. I’ve had a mind-roasting of a difficult day, followed by two glasses of white wine.

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Your pessimistic vision reminds me of the storyline of Elysium.

On a more rational note than my previous post, my hope is for a future a lot like what you and @tups hope for, and not the extinction of our species.

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I’d like to see the worldwide proliferation of clean water, the eradication of starvation and war, and the end of pollution as we know it.

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Self-softening livers.

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@Brian1946 – Yupper, I know that.

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^^Are you against that or something? At least @Gifted_With_Languages is actually asking questions and contributing to the site.

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@dxs It is against Fluther’s guidelines, and the OP has already been warned to this effect.

You seem to be implying that I don’t contribute to this site. That is surprising, given that I’ve answered many of your questions.

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